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Haze Tobacco Flavor Review: Cucumberita

Haze Tobacco Flavor Review: Cucumberita

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Haze Tobacco Review

Take a vacation with me, fellow hookah smokers. Imagine yourself on a beach somewhere wonderful. Imagine your toes in the sand, the salty sea breeze blowing through your hair, the beautiful blue ocean in front of you, and a tasty cucumber margarita in your hand. Now, you may not be on an actual beach, but you will definitely experience a similar feeling when you smoke Haze Tobacco’s Cucumberita.

Cucumberita Flavored Shisha

Getting to the smell of this hookah shisha flavor you will notice it has high tones of crisp cucumber and lighter notes of margarita mix. Once you pack your bowl and add your coals you will notice that the cucumber flavor has a slight sweetness that really makes this flavor pop. The mix flavors dance in perfect balance on your tongue with this light and refreshing blend. Even though the flavor is slightly on the lighter side, the clouds are as intense as ever. You can expect to get large, puffy white clouds with this one and as always with Haze, the clouds last through rounds of coals. Not only will you get amazing clouds round after round, but the flavor will remain as well. Haze Tobacco's Cucumberita is in a class of its own as you will not find another flavor like this on the market today. Try mixing this flavor with Haze Lime it up to bring out more of the margarita in the mix. This flavor also mixes well with 5 Cents a Cup, Frozen lakes, and Subzero. You should definitely add this flavor to your hookah cabinet for the upcoming spring and summer months as it would pair perfectly with a warm sunny day, but we at recommend keeping Cucumberita as a staple all year long. This light and refreshing flavor will transport you back to the beach any time of year.

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