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Haze Shisha Tobacco Flavor Review - Trash Can Punch

Haze Shisha Tobacco Flavor Review - Trash Can Punch

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Trash Can Punch - Haze Shisha Tobacco Flavor Review

Cool off this summer and kick back with this refreshing premium Shisha flavor by Haze Tobacco, Trash Can Punch.

Shisha Review - Setup

To review this flavor, we’re using the Vapor Hookahs Flare All Glass Hookah along with the Vapor Hookahs Infinity Heat Management System and Fancy Hookah Hose. We’ve fluff packed the shisha as recommended by Haze using the over pack method and have three Haze Coconut Charcoals loaded in the Vapor Hookahs Infinity HMS. Since where using the Infinity HMS, there is no need to use Hookah Foil as this device is an all in one comprehensive Hookah Bowl.

Haze Tobacco Trash Can Punch Flavor

So, how does Haze Trash Can Punch shisha flavor taste? Well, AWESOME! This Haze tobacco flavor offers a nice bold fruit punch flavor. The shisha flavor is similar to jungle juice that you may have enjoyed at some parties while in college. This flavor has so many fruits mixed in it’s hard to tell what specific fruits are used for this punch. The smoke clouds are incredible as usual with the Haze Tobacco brand. If you’re of drinking age, this flavor can be paired very nicely with a glass or red wine or even sangria. Great going to the guys at Haze Tobacco for making this flavor. It is spot on to the name Trash Can Punch and is quite enjoyable. Next time you’re in the mood for a nice fruit punch smoke, pick up a can of Haze Tobacco in the 50g, 100g, or 250g size at

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