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Haze Hookah Tobacco - U.S. Resurgence

Haze Hookah Tobacco - U.S. Resurgence

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Haze Tobacco - The Beginnings

If you don’t currently smoke Haze Tobacco, you are absolutely missing out. Their slogan “Simply the Best” explains it well as Haze Hookah is now a world-renowned hookah shisha brand. Beginning in 2012 in Houston, Texas, Haze quickly gained notoriety in the U.S. hookah community. With over 40 flavors made in the U.S., Haze swiftly became known for exotically mixed flavored tobacco, hookah session longevity and huge clouds. Haze Hookah’s forward thinking led them to create different hookah tobacco flavors for different regions which in turn grew outreach throughout America and into South America. Pacoca, a Brazilian peanut butter dessert shisha, exploded in Brazil, obviously. Countries like Brazil and Mexico also loved the emphasis on the cooling effect in flavors like Sub-Zero, Blazen Blue and What-A-Mint to name a few. This enlargement in following would rapidly lead Haze Tobacco to expand and move halfway across the world. Haze Hookah Tobacco shisha flavors Mint Lemonade Ultimint Pacoca and Cucumberita

Haze Hookah Tobacco - Top Hookah Shisha Flavors

The priority to stick to a schedule and introduce new Haze Hookah shisha flavors every year has kept Haze in the spotlight. Just last year a trio of blends blew people’s minds with flavors like B.O.F., Beat the Heat and Cotton Clouds. Beat the Heat now has its own following of cherry limeade lovers. Even with a consistent release of new shishas to a hookah store near you, Haze Tobacco’s early favorites are still a must have. Haze Hookah Tobacco Flavor Beat The Heat packed in a hookah bowl

Haze Trash Can Punch

Explained as “the life of the party”, this fruit fusion blend resembles a fruity alcoholic beverage. A spiked fruit punch or “jungle juice”. It’ll take you back to your college days and really get the party going.

Haze Oh Boy Explosion

Sweet southern peach with a spicy kick and spearmint undertone. Natural peach makes for great shisha tobacco but add in a cinnamon-like kick and cooling spearmint and you have yourself an explosion!

Haze Frozen Lakes

Cool and refreshing watermelon with raspberry. Very much like Aguas Frescas or cold, fruity beverages. Haze Hookah Tobacco shisha flavor Pumpkin Pleasure. Tattooed woman holding can.

Haze Hookah Moves to Europe

In 2015 Haze Hookah Tobacco went global. The name Haze created with their flavorful lineup of blends became known in hookah industries throughout the European Union, Russia and Ukraine. To better handle the worldwide growth, in 2017, Haze decided to move to a more centralized location in Europe. Expected moving hassles may have slowed distribution a bit but now that Haze is settled in their new home, hookah wholesale is booming once again! New flavors released and the announcement of SouthSmoke as exclusive U.S. importer has created a resurgence of Haze Tobacco in America! Haze Hookah Tobacco Simply tthe Best logo shisha flavors Pearlicious, Iced Cucumberita, Cotton Clouds and Beat the Heat

Haze Tobacco’s U.S. Resurgence

Now with a better world reach, sole U.S. distributor and a release of new flavors, Haze Tobacco is once again making big moves in America. A slight delay in shipments because of the relocation had hookah enthusiasts clamoring for that familiar Haze quality. The latest influx of shisha blends is flying off the shelves. The recent offering of unique flavors tweaks an old favorite as well as brings something totally new!

Haze Iced Cucumberita

A new take on the beloved cucumber infused margarita flavor of Cucumberita. This time it’s on the rocks! Refreshingly cool cucumber with a salty lemon-lime beverage kick and cooling menthol effect. Haze Hookah Tobacco shisha flavor Pearlicious in front of banner

Haze Pearlicious

Ice cold, spicy pear beverage. Pear may not be the first flavor you think of when choosing shisha flavors. After you try Pearlicious, it’ll be a mainstay in your rotation. Sweet pear with a spicy kick and cool menthol. Get all of your favorite Haze Tobacco flavors in several sizes at its first stop in the U.S. at! Experience simply the best hookah tobacco with well over 40 unique flavors to choose from.

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