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A sneak peek into Utlimint - Haze Tobacco's new unreleased flavor

A sneak peek into Utlimint - Haze Tobacco's new unreleased flavor

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Haze ULTIMINT Hookah Tobacco Shisha

Happy New Year hookah lovers! With a new year comes new flavors from the hookah tobacco brands we have come to love. We would expect nothing less than amazing from one of our favorite, increasingly popular brands: Haze Tobacco. Haze iskicking off 2016 with releasing remarkable new flavors, including one of which they have named ULTIMINT, the strongest mint in the galaxy. The people from Haze were generous enough to send us a sample of this brand new flavor before it hit the shelves. We loved it so much we just had to review it for you.

ULTIMINT From Haze Hookah Tobacco Review

This new mint flavor by Haze Tobacco was created to be a strong mix of mints that will have your session going from start to finish, with a full body of flavor for at least three hours and more with the correct packing method and heat management. The flavor just lasts. (Please review our previous blog posts where you can find a video on the Haze packing method.) We put this flavor to the test, and after hours of smoking and many rounds of coals, it was still going strong, standing true to the slogan. It has a very recognizable smell. The sting of the mint is so strong, a deep whiff could make your eyes water. It is easy to tell that this flavor is packed with traditional mint along with spearmint, but that’s not all. This is the ultimate mix of minty flavors hence the name – ULTIMINT. The cooling sensation is extremely strong at the beginning of your smoke, mellows as your session progresses, but never dies. Although the cooling sensation is predominant, it does not overpower the other minty tastes. As the cooling relaxes, the taste of mint never fades. As you smoke you’ll notice a change in the flavor as it progresses from start to finish. All fans of Haze Tobacco and mint smokers alike will thoroughly enjoy this flavor. We fell more and more in love with this flavor with each puff and enjoyed every second of it. We know you will do the same.

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