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Haze Flavored Tobacco - What-A-Mint Review

Haze Flavored Tobacco - What-A-Mint Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Haze Hookah Tobacco Review

Haze What-A-Mint is advertised as a peppermint cream flavor. So how does the Haze Tobacco Flavorstack up? Let’s see!

Haze Tobacco What-A-Mint

Hookah Setup– The Flare from Vapor Glass Hookahs with a phunnel bowl, Vapor V-Hose, and3 Haze Coconut Charcoals. The Packaging– Haze has fantastic packaging. Sometimes you may get a can that has a loose lid but overall it has some of the most reusable cans out there. Plus they are stackable! The jars are a metal design making them ultra-durable and great for stashing your shisha away! The Smell– What-A-Mint has an intriguing smell, different from all other mint flavors on the market. It smells exactly like peppermint cream candy or peppermint puffs. The peppermint is very strong, enough to open your sinuses, without overpowering the sweetness of the cream. Definitely encompasses the holiday spirit The Taste– If you like minty flavors then What-A-Mint will be right up your alley. From beginning to end this flavor stays true to the smell. The inhale is where you taste and feel more mint, and the exhale is where the cream is more predominant. The mint lends more of a sweet taste than most which perfectly complements the cream. This flavor provides the ultimate cooling effect that remains even after the session. Overall Review– Overall I think Haze hit it out of the park with this one. You get the great puffy white clouds we’ve come to expect from Haze making it a great session. The mint is definitely power packed and you get a huge cooling sensation from it. This is definitely a repeat flavor to keep in stock at all times and is a great mixer flavor as well. As a huge mint shisha fan I consider it a staple in my collection. Hats off to What-A-Mint and Haze for providing us with “Simply The Best”.

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