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Haze Flavor Review:  OMG & Double Bubble

Haze Flavor Review: OMG & Double Bubble

By Amir / April 29, 2024
If you aren’t yet familiar with Haze tobacco then you absolutely should be. Why? They are simply one of the biggest and the best in the shisha industry. With a flavor selection that boasts options as immense as Starbuzz and a great price you can’t beat it. Today I want to talk in particular about Haze OMG and their Limited Edition Cheech & Chong Double Bubble Flavor. Now, before we get started it is important to note that Haze has a unique technique to smoking their tobacco. Haze is intended to be over packed rather than leaving an air pocket in between your shisha and the foil. If you have ever done this intentionally or unintentionally with another brand then you are probably aware that this is typically a big no no. Cheech and Chong hookah shisha tobacco with Haze With Haze tobacco this technique is the key to getting an amazing session. If you haven’t seen the video on our previous post then do yourself a favor and check it out. It details everything about packing a bowl of Haze. I think it is time we reviewed some flavors! OMG – Oh my goodness there are so many berries! This flavor is basically a blend of all sorts of berries. The most prominent flavors that I noticed were blueberry, raspberry and a hint of strawberry. The cut of Haze is very much similar to that of Starbuzz. I smoked it as is but I have seen people chop the tobacco further to improve the cloud quality. Overall, the flavor is a very smooth and sweet berry flavor. Definitely a repeat flavor. Haze Cheech & Chong Double Bubble this smells amazing. I got a bubble gum and cinnamon scent mostly and didn’t notice the mint much until I smoked it. The cut and color are the same as OMG. The flavor overall was fantastic. I have had other bubble gum flavors and I wasn’t a big fan. This flavor was a pleasant surprise. I could taste all 3 flavors throughout the session. Pick up a 250g of this one.

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