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Haze B.O.F.: Fruit Punch on Ice

Haze B.O.F.: Fruit Punch on Ice

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Haze Tobacco released B.O.F. back earlier this year, but I have been smoking it more this summer than I did this spring, this past week especially since the heat has picked up more. Most likely because it is the perfect iced fruit punch that makes me long for some sand and sun. The flavors that stand out the most are strawberry and kiwi with a touch of cooling mint, but there are also other underlying fruit flavors that make Haze B.O.F. truly unique to smoke.

Haze B.O.F. | Flavor Profile, Utopia Bowl, Hookah Foil & HMD

Upon first inhale, you will get the sweet kiss of strawberry, followed immediately by mint and kiwi, then the mix of the other fruits. The cooling effect is really what makes this shisha wow. The mint is not overpowering and doesn’t take over the fruity deliciousness. It fully reminds me of Hawaiian Punch or a strawberry kiwi juice pouch like I used to drink during the summer as a kid, but of course an adult version. I prefer to smoke this shisha with my Utopia Bowl from Vapor Hookahs and an Apple on Top Provost. For packing Haze B.O.F, make sure to mix it well and use a fluff pack with the hookah tobacco touching the hookah foil or HMD for the best smoke.

Best Coals to Use: Cocourth Coconut Charcoals | Haze Coconut Cube Charcoals

The coals I opt for with this tobacco are of course Haze Coconut Cube Charcoals or our new CocoUrth Premium Coconut Charcoals. Coconut Charcoals or any natural, non-quick lighting coal will be your better option since they won’t interrupt B.O.F.’s flawless flavor with any odd chemical tastes from quick light solutions.

Shop Haze Tobacco & more at

This shisha is fantastic and has quickly climbed to a high-ranking spot on my list of best hookah tobacco flavors. It is bright and cooling, yet sweet but not overpowering like some fruit and berry mixes can be. The sweet isn’t too much but rather just enough to satisfy. Haze B.O.F. can be purchased in 100g or 250g Stack N Haze tins. Find this killer flavor on

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