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Halloween Hookah Sale

Halloween Hookah Sale

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Spooky Hookah Halloween Discount - Hookah Sale

Spooky season is upon us and scary good hookah deals are going on at! Now that you are an adult and sugary Halloween candy doesn’t quite hit the spot like it used to… find hookah shisha in your favorite candy flavors. A different, cloudy way to celebrate the haunting holiday. This Halloween discount isn’t just for shisha! Pick up the best hookah charcoal to light up that candy flavored tobacco! Natural coconut charcoal as well as quicklight coals from the top charcoal brands. Read on to learn about our favorite candy flavored shisha, the best hookah charcoal, spooky hookah pipes and hookah sale details! SouthSmoke Halloween Hookah Sale candy flavored shisha in pumpkin bucket

Halloween Candy Flavored Tobacco

Even though you are a little old to trick-or-treat, you’re never too old for a sweet tooth. Fill your hookah with classic Halloween candy flavored shisha to treat that candy craving. It’s a fun way to switch up your hookah sessions as your typical flavors may be getting a bit boring. Something sweet or sour to remind you of the “good old days”. Most of your beloved shisha brands like Starbuzz Hookah, Fumari Shisha, Azure Tobacco and Haze all carry flavors that will remind you of your favorite Halloween candy flavors. Starbuzz Tobacco Candy flavored tobacco with lollipops - hookah sale

Starbuzz Tobacco

Starbuzz Shisha is known for very sweet, fruity flavored shisha so candy flavors are no surprise from the popular hookah brand. With a flavor called Candy they don’t really hide it either. A sweet candy flavor with hints of pineapple and bananas like taffy out of a pumpkin bucket. Blue Mist is a flavor most hookah enthusiasts already know but it fits the holiday perfectly. This blueberry flavor very closely resembles blue cotton candy and will have you blowing cotton candy clouds.

Fumari Tobacco

One of Fumari Shisha's latest shisha flavors fits the Halloween theme perfectly. Purple Grape reminds me of grape Laffy Taffy, or grape Jolly Ranchers. A sweet purple Concord grape shisha flavor. Also, Fumari White Gummi Bear is a hit! Haze Tobacco Yummy Madness flavored tobacco with gummy bears candy

Haze Tobacco

Some of the most interesting hookah flavors come from the well-known Haze Shisha. Haze Double Bubble needs no explanation. This bubble gum flavor is sure to last you longer than 5 minutes in your hookah bowl. Haze Yummy Madness is a little more vague but once you get a whiff, the flavor is undeniable. The smell is of sweet, fruity gummy bears or Juicy Fruit gum and it smokes exactly the same! Azure Tobacco Candy flavored tobacco with small colorful candy

Azure Hookah Tobacco

Azure Candy isn’t your ordinary sweet candy flavor. Their interpretation is a sour, fruity mix that makes you pucker like a sour Skittle. A slightly different experience than other sweet flavors on this list. Another option from Azure Shisha is Berrymania. A mix of sour blue raspberry and sweet strawberry. A bit of both worlds in this fruity concoction.

Afzal Tobacco

When you think of the most popular Halloween candy, or at least classic candy, Sweet Tarts may cross your mind. Afzal Shisha has the flavored tobacco to match that candy sweetness. A sugary, sweet soft candy hookah flavor. Trifecta Tobacco P3 flavored tobacco in candy dispenser

Trifecta Tobacco

Trifecta Hookah may have the most well-known candy shisha flavor available. The fruity Trifecta P3 is like munching on a handful of Skittles without them getting stuck in your teeth! Pick this shisha flavor up in the Trifecta Tobacco Blonde Line!

Hookah Charcoal Deals

Now that you know your candy flavored shisha list don’t forget to stock up on hookah charcoal while it’s on sale as well! Don’t be frightened, CocoUrth Charcoal is back in stock and you can get back to lighting those perfect coconut coals. CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal is another solid option. All-natural coconut shell charcoal with no smell or taste to affect your shisha session. Or, you can always go with the tried and true Three Kings Charcoal for those beautiful outdoor fall smokes. No matter what shisha charcoal you choose, it’s all on hookah sale right now at! Spooky themed Vapor Hookahs Gargoyle, Flying Dragon, Soul Catcher and Skull

Spooky Themed Hookahs

To really top off any Halloween party or just get in the mood for the spooky season, check out these hookahs from Vapor Hookahs! The Gargoyle Vapor Hookah brings a haunting medieval feel to any room. The stone looking dragon gives a spooky vibe to your session. The Skull from Vapor is a more modern hookah take but still just as creepy. This hookah pipe will fit right into your Halloween decorations. Vapor’s Flying Dragon hookah has a gothic style like its right out of the Addam’s Family. Wednesday would be proud. Last but certainly not least, the Soul Catcher maybe my favorite spooky hookah. A small pipe with creepy features sure to fit in with the season. The skulls and snakes bring a chilling vibe to any room. Visit and take advantage of the Halloween Hookah Sale by using code SPOOKY20 at checkout to receive 20% OFF your purchase of flavored tobacco and hookah charcoal. This Halloween discount code is available through October 31st, 2019. Discount available worldwide. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. You must be 18 years of age to purchase hookah tobacco. 21 in some states.

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