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Funky Names, Unbelievable Flavor - New Al-Waha Tobacco

Funky Names, Unbelievable Flavor - New Al-Waha Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Tongue Tingling Excitement from Al-Waha Tobacco

A new batch of hookah shisha from maybe the most creative tobacco manufacturer in the hookah industry. Six all new flavor profiles with tastes that will make your tongue tingle with excitement and names that will raise an eyebrow. Something new and exciting to fill your hookah bowl. Let’s light some charcoal and see what all the fuss is about from Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco! New Al-Waha Flavors 200g Cans Title

Hookah Sessions Full of Surprise

If you are looking for obvious tobacco names based on flavor profiles, Al-Waha Tobacco is not the place to look. But, if you like being surprised by phenomenal shisha flavor with innovative style and imagery you are in luck. With flavor names such as Blue Lion, Sodala and Nevada you’ll be guessing what the accompanying hookah flavors are for days. So you might as well sit back take in a puff and just enjoy. Or, read on to learn the flavor profiles Al-Waha was going for. But first, a brief refresh on the brand.

Al-Waha Tobacco History Lesson

Al-Waha Tobacco has been creating long-lasting, flavorful hookah tobacco since 1972 and is well known in the Hookah community for its exotic flavors and interesting names. Manufactured in Jordan and sold around the world, the Elite Edition is a blonde, medium cut French leaf tobacco free of any added color. This shisha is fairly juicy and made to last. Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco’s main goal is to create flavor strong enough to hold up throughout a hookah session without being overwhelming.

Hookah Flavors Broken Down

Have I teased you long enough? Let’s get into these new hookah shisha flavors from Al-Waha Tobacco. Crates of peaches and Amor Al-Waha Tobacco Peach Chill Flavor

Al-Waha Tobacco Amor

Hookah flavor profile: Peach Chill with Ice A refreshing peach fruit blend and a menthol effect to chill out your hookah session.

Al-Waha Blue Lion

Hookah flavor profile: Watermelon Chill with Blueberry and Ice A little sweet from the watermelon and sour blueberry with just the right amount of chill.

Al-Waha I Love 69

Hookah flavor profile: Ice Melon Chill with Maracuja It doesn’t get much better than melon and passion fruit in your hookah bowl. Also iced down with a menthol effect. Cucumber Cut and Nevada Al-Waha Tobacco flavor falling with water droplets

Al-Waha Nevada

Hookah flavor profile: Cucumber Chill Maybe the most refreshing hookah session you will ever have. A cooled down cucumber to really help you relax.

Al-Waha Sodala

Hookah flavor profile: Grape Chill with Ice Cool down with a cooling grape. Like a sip of grape Kool-Aid on a hot summer day. Al-Waha Tobacco Dolar falling with glass of cola, grapes, raspberries and cherries.

Al-Waha Dolar

Hookah flavor profile: Iced Cola with Raspberry, Cherry and Grape A fruity concoction mixed with cola to create an exhilaratingly sweet dark soda blend. Try one or all of these amazing new Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco flavors at! Find humor in the names and artwork and enjoy a flavorful hookah session by one of the most popular hookah tobacco manufacturers in the business.

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