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Fumari Tobacco - Summer After Party Flavor Release

Fumari Tobacco - Summer After Party Flavor Release

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Fumari Tobacco Flavors to Keep the Party Going

Summer is almost over but the party is just getting started! Fumari Tobacco is throwing a Summer After Party and you are invited! Double down on dessert shisha flavors with the latest release from Fumari. Enjoy the last stretch of the summer sun by diving into the sweet, cool taste of mango sorbet with Fumari Summer Sorbetto. Or, if you’re feeling something creamy in your next hookah session, Fumari Shisha has you covered with the delectable Banana Custard. SouthSmoke gets the low down on the latest flavored tobacco release and reviews them just for you! Fumari Tobacco Summer Sorbetto and Fumari Banana Custard Shisha Flavor Release

At the Forefront of Creative Shisha Flavors

We can always rely on Fumari Tobacco to bring us cutting edge hookah shisha flavors no matter the season. Just so happens that the latest release has summer vibes right at the end of summer. Fumari is a small batch hookah shisha manufacturer that prides itself on producing unique, never before seen shisha flavors and premium shisha tobacco. Always looking for ways to surprise the hookah enthusiast community with something different to pack in their hookah bowls. From a recent release of Fumari Lemon Loaf to the latest flavors of Summer Sorbetto and Banana Custard, you can be sure to find a Fumari flavor to fall in love with.

Fumari Tobacco Shisha Flavors in Review

If somehow you aren’t already intrigued by these Fumari hookah flavor names, we give you a hookah review to make your mouth water even more. You’ll be filling your SouthSmoke shopping cart before you finish reading. Banana cream pie and ripe bananas - Fumari Tobacco Banana Custard Shisha

Fumari Banana Custard

A dessert flavor that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Banana custard is that delicious treat you can’t stop eating after just one bowl. The hookah shisha flavor is the same way. Fumari’s Banana Custard combines the taste of ripe, soft banana, and creamy custard pudding into a mouthwatering classic. A very smooth hit of sweet banana and soft vanilla cream with just the right amount of cool. What are you waiting for? Pack a bowl and go bananas.

Fumari Summer Sorbetto

Soon to be your go-to summer shisha bowl, this sorbet hookah flavor is ice cold and refreshingly sweet. Cool down with a scoop of Fumari Summer Sorbetto's rich and sweet tropical flavor in your hookah bowl. A strong ripe mango flavor with the natural sweetness cold sorbet. A perfect send-off to summer and a great way to take advantage of the weening outdoor hookah sessions. Revel in this tropical dessert shisha flavor before it’s too late! Bowl of peach sorbet next to tray of sorbet and ice cream scooper, Fumari Tobacco Summer Sorbetto Shisha

Buy Hookah Online Including the Latest Fumari Flavors at

Find the latest Fumari Shisha flavor release at your favorite online shisha store at Double down on dessert before the summer ends with Fumari Summer Sorbetto and Banana Custard. They won’t last long! While you’re there, upgrade your hookah with hookah accessories like the Fumari Alpaca Rook and Mini Rook Bowls. A sure-fire way to get your shisha smoking right.

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