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Fumari Shisha: Prickly Pear

Fumari Shisha: Prickly Pear

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fumari Flavored Tobacco: Prickly Pear

Fall is here and to celebrate the complete awesomeness that is the month of Halloween we decided to shine the light on a unique little fruit that looks like a pear in a porcupine costume. If that wasn’t deception enough, it is referred to as a cactus fruit but has the nutritional composition of a vegetable. Enter the prickly pear. This baby fruit of a budding cactus flower has a taste similar to that of a kiwi and pear mixed together and the flavor transcribes perfectly into this sweet and savory shisha. Fumari Prickly Pear is absolutely delicious and a must try for those of us who already love their Ambrosia blend.

Fumari Shisha

  Fumari is a medium cut tobacco with little no stems. It is very juicy and a natural golden brown in color. The smell of Prickly Pear is pretty sweet with the kiwi notes being the strongest to pick out. Once you load up your favorite phunnel bowl and add some coals, the whole room is filled with a subtle fruity scent. The taste of it is right on par with the actual fruit and stays consistent to the smell with kiwi being the most notable profile with additional fruity pear notes on the back end. It is sweet and smooth and so so yummy. Prickly pears can be found in sunny, desert like climates so it hasn’t always been accessible to everyone but now anyone can get their hands on this sweet little treat by visiting As usual, Fumari comes packaged in their signature resealable pouches for easy storage and lasting freshness. If you want to test it out, pick it up in the 100 gram pouch. If you already know how delicious it is, then scoop it up in the 1000 gram pouch. Go big or go home, am I right!

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