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Fumari Rook & Mini Rook Hookah Bowls - Alpaca Bowl Company

Fumari Rook & Mini Rook Hookah Bowls - Alpaca Bowl Company

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Brand Collaboration - Fumari Tobacco & Alpaca Bowls

When two great brands get together, it’s a wonderful thing. We all know the quality shisha that Fumari Tobacco puts on the market. Creative, bold hookah shisha flavors that have become staples in the rotations of hookah enthusiasts and hookah lounges. When paired with the right hookah bowl, Fumari Hookah is unmatched. In steps the Alpaca Bowl Company. High-quality clay hookah bowls that perfectly compliment Fumari Tobacco. Both companies recognized this and created special Alpaca Bowls with Fumari branding and exclusive colorways. The collaborative bowls are now available at! Fumari Tobacco Alpaca Bowl Company Hookah Bowls

Alpaca Bowl Company

A small American company that specializes in handmade clay hookah bowls. For just over 4 years Alpaca Bowl Company has pushed the boundaries of what hookah bowls can do. Using a proprietary clay mixture that has been thoroughly tested, Alpaca has created unique shisha bowls that perfectly reduce and release heat to properly bake your hookah shisha. Paired with high-quality clay is 100% food safe and lead-free glaze to produce beautifully crafted designs and colorways. Alpaca Bowl Company takes the customer input seriously and is always looking for ways to accelerate hookah innovation. Constantly revisiting the craft of handmade hookah bowls and pushing to produce a better product. The OG producers of popular hookah bowls like the Rook, Predator, Symphony, and Apache, Alpaca Bowls are well known throughout the hookah enthusiast community. Fumari Alpaca Rook Hookah Bowl Shisha

Chess Inspired – Alpaca Rook Bowl

The rook game piece in chess, a popular board game worldwide, resembles a castle or tower. The center spire of the Alpaca Rook Hookah Bowl is very similar in stature, hence the reason this handmade clay bowl was named the “Rook”. The Alpaca Rook wasn’t designed just for chess fans, this bowl is a performance hookah bowl and the castle-style spire plays a big role in its overall functionality. A modern phunnel bowl that keeps all of your flavored tobacco juices inside of the bowl for optimal flavor, the Alpaca Rook Bowl uses innovative notches in the center spire to create better airflow. When hookah foil is placed over a normal phunnel hookah bowl, it covers the downtube. With the notches in the center spire, the Rook Bowl creates channels for air under the foil and down into your hookah. This reduces what is called “foil drag” and creates an easier to manage hookah session with a less restricted draw and more hookah shisha flavor! The Alpaca Rook holds a larger volume of shisha tobacco, around 15-20 grams which is great for modern, blonde tobacco that needs a normal to fluff packing method. Enjoy long, robust hookah sessions from the quality clay hookah bowl with an innovative center spire. You start the game of chess with two rook game pieces. In real life, you will only need one Alpaca Rook to enjoy a quality hookah session. Make it the Fumari Hookah branded Alpaca Rook Hookah Bowl! Fumari Alpaca Mini Rook Hookah Bowls

Size Matters – Alpaca Mini Rook Hookah Bowl

The same inspiration, overall concept, and design as the Alpaca Rook but now in a smaller size! The Alpaca Mini Rook Hookah Bowl has all of the benefits of its larger counterpart and one simple perk of its own. Many consider this hookah bowl to be a shisha saver because of the smaller outer diameter and depth. Great for shorter solo hookah sessions with your favorite blonde hookah shisha flavors. No more tossing out leftover, half-burned flavored tobacco when you don’t want to smoke for 2 hours or more. That’s not even our favorite use for the Mini Rook! This popular Alpaca Hookah Bowl is the perfect size for dark leaf tobacco that needs to be packed in tightly for optimal shisha flavor and heat management. When you dense pack a dark tobacco shisha, you use more tobacco. The smaller bowl size saves excess tobacco and money in the long run. The Alpaca Mini Rook holds a volume of 8-15 grams of tobacco. Being handmade, this amount can fluctuate a bit. No matter the fluctuation, the Mini Rook Bowl will be your favorite hookah bowl for solo hookah sessions moving forward.
Pick up the only two shisha bowls you will ever need from Available in four bold colorways produced in the Fumari Hookah and Alpaca Bowl Company collaboration! Very cool glaze effects with green, blue, orange, and red to match your hookah collection. All using lead-free glaze and high-quality clay! The best materials for hookah heat management and bold hookah flavors.

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