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Fumari Pure Coconut Hookah Coals

Fumari Pure Coconut Hookah Coals

By Amir / April 29, 2024

All New Fumari Fuoco Coconut Hookah Coals

Fumari Fuoco Pure Coconut Coals are the newest hookah charcoal to hit the market. They are extra dense, evenly sized 22mm Cubes that are available in a 60pc box and an 112pc box. They are made from quality Indonesian coconut shells that are burned, ground, and then hard-pressed with small amounts of plant based ingredients to hold the shape. They are all natural 100% chemical free coals that burn clean with no taste or smell and provide even heat distribution. They can be fully lit in 8 minutes using a 120v burner and last for 80-90 min per coal with minimal ash. Last night I packed my phunnel bowl with my favorite Fumari mixture of Ambrosia and Guava (70/30) and put them to the test.

Try with 120v Fumari Coal Burner

The cubes themselves are very neatly packed and evenly sized. My burner is not as powerful as the 120v Fumari Coal Burner that is suggested but even at 110v they still fully lit at 9 minutes. They do have the typical charcoal smell you get when lighting any coconut coal but it was faint and I had to get relatively close to pick it up. I usually light my coals outside so I didn't actually test the odor in a more enclosed area which would more than likely make the scent more distinct. Even with no wind cover they do live out the time frame of 80-90 minutes as advertised but in reality after the 45 minute mark you are going to want to start heating up your next coals to keep your session going strong. There are a ton of coconut coals on the market and we all have our favorites but these are definitely worth testing out. You can pick them up by visiting along with the recommended 120v Fumari Coal Burner.

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