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Fumari Spiced Chai Flavored Tobacco - Review

Fumari Spiced Chai Flavored Tobacco - Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Fumari Chai Flavored Tobacco Review

Fumari Flavored Tobacco

Fumari Spiced Chai flavored tobacco is one of those shisha flavors you must try. Don't know what a Chai Fumari flavored tobacco would taste like? We're here to helpyou understand the complex make up of Chai flavors.

What is Chai?

Chai is the word for tea in many parts of the world. Itisa centuries-old beverage which has placed an important role in many cultures. Chai from India is a spiced milk tea,usually made up of black tea, heavy milk, a combination of spices, and sweetener, that has become increasingly popular throughout the world.

What are Chai Spices?

The spices used to make Chai tea drinks vary from region to region and are even different among households in India. The most common spices that make up the Chai signature flavor are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pepper. The blend makes the tea drink not only warm and inviting with the soothing milk, but also sweet and spicy with the blend of flavors. Especially delicious when the weather is cooler.

Fumari Chai Flavored Tobacco

Now that you have a better idea what the inspirationfor the Chai flavor comes from, let’s get down to the Fumari brand and the Spiced Chai Hookah flavor itself. Fumari offers a medium cut that is somewhere between a small Tangiers cut and an Al-Fakher cut flavored tobacco. If you prefer, you may chop up the tobacco for a more even pack.

How Does Fumari Chai Flavor Taste?

Fumari Spiced Chai flavored tobacco has strong scents of vanilla and a hint of butterscotch or toffee right when you open the pouch. The taste of Fumari Spiced Chai is very sweet, smooth, and most importantly, delicious! It is a mix of tea with vanilla, toffee, and butterscotch. If you prefer a flavor that is a little less sweet, add a touch of coffee and it’s absolutely incredible. This is a great tobacco flavor for any summer night or if you’re a fan of tee and toffee. We think you will enjoy this new flavor and make sure to pickup a pack of Fumari Spiced Chai right here at

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