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Fourth of July Hookah Sale -

Fourth of July Hookah Sale -

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fireworks and Hookah Sessions

Summer nights and hookah sessions go hand in hand. The cool evening air paired with relaxing shisha smoke can’t be beat. Now imagine celebrating the July 4th holiday smoking hookah with friends under the dazzling fireworks! Quite the setting right! Well, SouthSmoke is here to help make that happen and save you money along the way. Don’t miss out on the Fourth of July Hookah Sale over the holiday to pick up all of your favorite hookah shisha and hookah accessories at a discount! Read on for Independence Day flavor ideas, hookahs for the occasion, and hookah promotion details below. ourth of July Hookah Sale at Sparklers and American flag.

Celebrate with Hookah Shisha Flavors

There are certain tastes that always come to mind when summer and the fourth of July come around. Those red, white, and blue firecracker popsicles are first on the list. Are the childhood memories of the ice cream truck coming back? How about an ice-cold root beer or cola? The refreshing taste of soda in the hot summer sun can’t be beat. Fresh fruits and pie feel very American around the holiday as well! Looking for the perfect hookah shisha flavors to match these tastes for the July 4th celebration? has your back. Check out these shisha blends to enjoy while gazing at the sparkles in the sky.

Fantasia Hookah Firecracker

That famous popsicle I mentioned earlier, yeah it comes in shisha form. Fantasia Hookah knows unique hookah blends and brings this combination of blue raspberry, cherry, and lemon to your shisha bowl. Find Firecracker in blonde tobacco leaf as well as non-tobacco herbal shisha blends.

Azure Tobacco Root Beer

The classic soda pop flavored shisha with the famous creamy, sweet, and spiced root beer notes. An American tradition that is perfect for a summertime refreshment. Add in a bit of vanilla shisha for a tasty root beer float! Available in the Azure Gold and Black Lines.

Fumari Strawberry Jam

All-new from Fumari Tobacco, Strawberry Jam was made for summer. A classic American taste like strawberry right off the vine. You can also pick up a classic Fumari license plate with every order of Fumari Shisha at SouthSmoke right now! Woman smoking shisha flavors by the pool.

Trifecta Tobacco TNT

More so for the flavor name and not so much the taste itself, but this citrus blend still meets the criteria. You can’t not smoke a shisha flavor called TNT while there are explosions in the sky, right?! Trifecta Tobacco TNT pairs mango, grapefruit, and mint.

Red, White & Blue Hookahs on Sale

Don’t forget, your hookah pipe needs to match the occasion as well! Celebrate with red, white, and blue hookahs from SouthSmoke. Is there a perfect hookah for such a holiday? We think so! Nothing portrays the look of American artillery like the Starbuzz Carbine Hookah in Cobalt Blue. Modern machining, all-terrain legs, and 360-degree hookah hose swivel. Perfect for that outdoor hookah session under the fireworks. Not into blue so much? Check out the latest from Vapor Hookahs and the Vapor Copper in bright red. This modern hookah features unique wood styling over a stainless-steel stem and a matching wooden hose handle. The color will pop just like the explosions in the sky. Shisha pipe overlooking a city at night.

Save on Hookah this 4th of July – Hookah Sale

Celebrate Independence Day the right way and save money while you do it with the Fourth of July Hookah Sale at! For one day only on Sunday, July 4th 2021, receive 15% off your entire order at SouthSmoke! Use code BOOM15 at checkout to save on your favorite hookah flavors from all of the top brands as well as hookah pipes and hookah accessories. Don’t miss out! This deal is only valid on the holiday. Happy smoking and Happy Independence Day y’all! *Discount available worldwide. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Promotion code valid from 12:00am - 11:59pm EST on Sunday, July 4th, 2021.

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