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Flavor Mixing Using a Double Head Bowl

Flavor Mixing Using a Double Head Bowl

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Flavor Mixing with Multiple Hookah Head Bowls Everyone enjoys being adventurous from time to time. Why not also be adventurous with your shisha? Many people make their own shisha blends these days by mixing two or more flavors either by hand in a tub, or by sprinkling in a bowl. Mixing flavors has never been easier with the Vapor Hookahs' Double Head Ceramic Bowl. The Double Head Ceramic Bowl is an Egyptian style bowl with two heads, as the name suggests. A different flavor can be placed in each head to make mixing extremely easy. The perks of this are that it practically does the measuring for you, makes less of a mess, and ensures you get the same amount of each flavor for an even blend. We definitely recommend mixing flavors from the same brands or similar consistencies to ensure an even smoke.

Here are a few mixes to try with this bowl to help get you inspired:

Haze: Lime It Up + Lemon= Lemon Lime Soda Ugly: Apple Apple + Pomegranate= The Forbidden Fruit Starbuzz: Simply Mango + Tropicool= Fruit Punch Tangiers: Horchata + Strawberry= Strawberry Horchata Trifecta: Earl Grey + Lavender Mint= Fancy Tea Fantasia: Cuban Mojito + Black Ice= Frozen Mojito Fumari: Red Gummy Bear + White Gummy Bear= Candy Treat

Prefer nicotine-free herbal shisha?

Fantasia: Wild Mango + Blueberry= Fruit Salad

Triple Head & Four Head Ceramic Bowls

We do also have Triple Head and Four Head Ceramic Bowls for if you want to try mixing more than just two flavors. All three bowls are Egyptian style but typically require Chinese rubber bowl grommets to use with your hookah. These bowls all come in blue, black, brown, and green. Our two head also comes in red. No matter what flavors you wish to mix, these bowls are the perfect accessory for the adventurous hookah enthusiast.

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