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Shisha Flavor Mix Inspo for 2019

Shisha Flavor Mix Inspo for 2019

By Amir / April 29, 2024

DIY Flavored Tobacco Combinations - Shisha Flavor Mixes

Let’s get creative! Have you selected your new tastes for 2019? A big part of smoking hookah is trying new flavors, as we shared about in our last blog if you’re following along (Delicious! New Al-Waha Flavors). The next step to becoming a hookah enthusiast is mixing your flavored tobacco choices to create something new and exciting! Sweet mixed with spicy. Creamy with cool. The possibilities are endless. Try these shisha flavor mix ideas in your next hookah bowl. I’ve rounded up a couple of combinations to get your imagination started with tastes from several different brands of shisha. These mixes come from some of our vendors, employees, and customers alike and a couple thought up by yours truly. Try these concoctions out and maybe they will give you the inspiration to create some of your own. Happy tasting!

Tobacco Brands Fan Favorite Shisha Flavor Mix Ideas

Fumari Blueberry Muffin and Limoncello

The Baker’s Special

A fan favorite of Fumari TobaccomixedBlueberry Muffin50/50 with the smooth Limoncello. The taste turned into blueberry lemonade with a hearty muffin to boot. Fumari Ambrosia with White Gummi Bear

Summertime Smoothie

An unusual fruity blend that works out perfectly. The sweet melon of Ambrosia and pineapple White Gummi Bear fromFumariTobacco go hand in hand. Mazaya Cherry Lemonade flavor mix

Sweet and Sour Cherry Lemonade

Enjoy this fruity explosion of MazayaCherry & LemonThe sweetness of Cherry counters the sour of Lemon. Best mixed 50/50. Mazaya Pineapple with Blueberry exotica

Pineapple & Blueberry Exotica

Mazaya hookah tobacco is popular for its fruit flavors so why not double them up? It's like a tiki drink in your hookah. Worth a shot. Azure Tobacco Cinnamon Coolies and Lemon Muffin Mix

Cinnalem Twist

“Our customers decided to take two of their favorite flavors and put them together and became one of our most popular mixes” – Rafael from Azure Tobacco. “A savory flavor with a cinnamon twist” Try this Azure Tobacco Lemon Muffin & Cinnamon Cookies swirl for dessert. Both flavors are from Azure’s Gold Line and mixed 75% Lemon Muffin to 25% Cinnamon Cookie. Azure Tobacco Lychee and Carolina Peach Tobacco Mix

East Meets South

A perfect balance of fruit and floral, this flavored tobacco mix was thought up by the shipping supervisor at Azure Tobacco and has grown to be a customer favorite. Mix the Carolina Peach (Black Line) (70%) & Lychee (Gold Line) (30%) Trifecta Peppermint Shake and Raspberry

Berry Peppermint Shake

Trifecta Tobacco’s new Peppermint Shake & Raspberry (Dark Blend). Found on the forums, this blend is a must-try. Shout out to that poster. The strong peppermint and smooth shake pair well with tart raspberry. Trifecta Tobacco Blueberry with Vanilla

Vanberry Swirl

Blueberry Strawberry with Vanilla from Trifecta. A bowl of vanilla ice cream with fruity toppings. Place ice cubes in your vase to really cool this one down. Take these ideas and run with them. Comment below or message us on Facebook and Instagram with your creations and we’ll share them in a later series. #SouthSmokeCom #SouthSmokeSelfie All of these flavors can be found right now at

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