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Flash Premium Hookah Charcoal Review

Flash Premium Hookah Charcoal Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

High Quality Coals, Affordable Price

Vapor Hookahs is proud to present Flash Premium Charcoal! Flash coals are quick lighting while still being odorless and tasteless, so they are perfectly convenient in every way. They made sure to come up with enough options to satisfy any hookah smoker’s needs as well. Flash coals come in rolls and boxes in 33mm and 40mm sizes. Each roll has 10 hookah coals and each box has 100 hookah coals. So you could either buy a little to try or buy a lot to stock up!

How does it Burn?

Flash coals burn anywhere in between 25-35 minutes, although some have found they last even longer. But they can but lit instantly using a lighter thanks to quick-light chemicals, so adding in new coals for a longer session is no big deal. The coals themselves come in a pressed round tablet shape which is excellent for easy handling, lighting, and placement either on foil or in your favorite HMD.

Flash Premium Charcoal: Review

When I first got the box, of course the first thing I noticed were the bright colors and modern design, something not always seen on charcoal boxes. This really stood out to me and made me want to try these coals even more. After unwrapping, got set up and ready to light the first hookah coal. All it took was a single try with my Viper Series Torch Lighter and the coal flashed to life. I found a similar experience with the other two I lit for the session. I believe I was able to make them last around 40 minutes overall. I also never noticed a smell or off-putting flavor, my Khalil Mamoon Spiced Tea tasted perfect as always. Overall, I loved these coals. While I usually prefer coconut charcoals, these were just as good. Prices range from $1.49 to $12.99. I highly recommend Vapor Hookah's Flash Premium Charcoals to anyone who smokes hookah. Find them on

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