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Festive Fall Flavors for Hookah Lovers

Festive Fall Flavors for Hookah Lovers

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fall Inspired Shisha Flavors

There is no denying that fall is here. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and everything known to man is coming out in pumpkin flavor. Maybe you are someone that loves everything you eat and drink to be pumpkin flavored, and maybe you smoke hookah too which is why you are reading this. Well, you just found what is going to be your most favorite blog of all time. Better bookmark this thing because we are about to drop the biggest pumpkin and fall shisha flavor guide of all time!

Fall Shisha Flavor Guide

These hookah tobacco flavors will be enjoyed best in front of a warm fire place or outside taking in the crisp fall air. Here at we know you guys love your Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie, available in 100g and 250g cans. Another super popular pumpkin flavored shisha is Fantasia’s Pumpkin Spice in 50g packs and 200g jars. Another one that is popular all year long is Al-Amir’s Pumpkin Pie. Here at we carry this in 50g packs and 250g jars. How about Fumari’s Spiced Chai, available in 100g pouches and kilo bricks. This mixes well with pumpkin flavors, like Haze’s Pumpkin Pleasure. Pick up a 50g, 100g, or 250g can and you won’t be disappointed. Then, there's Trifecta’s Apple Pie in 250g jars. Let that dark leaf shisha get you in the fall spirit and take you to your happy place! If you are into Tangiers, check out Indian Summer. This pairs well with a warm campfire hanging with friends. Or maybe you enjoyNakhla, we won’t leave you hanging. Pick up some Earl Grey and curl up on the couch. Last but not least, our Al-Fakher fans. While Al-Fakher doesn’t mess with that pumpkin spice stuff, pick up some Cinnamon and mix with your favorite apple shisha to get that perfect apple cider flavor.

Favorite Fall Hookah Flavors

What are your favorite flavors for fall? Do you go for Pumpkin, Apple Pie, or do you mix it up? We want you to eat, smell good, and enjoy your hookah. Happy Fall!

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