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Fantasia Ice Hookah Tobacco: The Latest from Fantasia Joins the Fruit Lineup

Fantasia Ice Hookah Tobacco: The Latest from Fantasia Joins the Fruit Lineup

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fantasia Ice Hookah Tobacco: The Latest from Fantasia Joins the Fruit Lineup

Do you enjoy kicking back and relaxing while smoking exciting, refreshing flavors? Boy, do we have ahookah tobaccolineup for YOU! 9-15-2014 9-37-19 AM Fantasia has just released its long-awaited Ice Series of hookah tobacco. Now you can enjoy an out-of-this-world experience of smooth Fantasia hookah tobacco in the most refreshing flavors! The Ice Series of hookah tobacco flavors offers smokers the opportunity to have a cool, refreshing smoke experience. We at are stoked to offer this new series of flavored tobacco just for you!

Ice Mint Hookah Tobacco – The Old Favorite

If you’ve been paying attention to all things hookah-related, you may have heard of Fantasia’s Ice Mint flavor of hookah tobacco. This flavor has continued to be one of the most popular flavored tobacco in the world. It’s certainly a favorite among the many hookah tobacco flavors here at But if you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out! Ice Mint is everything you want in a mint flavored tobacco: cool, flavorful, and strong. This tobacco for hookah smoking will leave a refreshing taste in your mouth without being overpowering. No other mint flavored tobacco tastes quite like Fantasia’s. It’s an industry standard that has brought great smoking experiences for hookah enthusiasts everywhere!

What’s New with Fantasia Hookah Tobacco

If you want to think outside the box, Fantasia has added new flavors of hookah tobacco for your smoking pleasure. Following the success of the Ice Mint flavored tobacco, Fantasia has added it to your favorite fruit flavors to create the Ice Series. We are excited to offer seven of these new flavors of hookah tobacco to you: Citrus Ice, Strawberry Ice, Melon Ice, Mango Ice, Double Apple Ice, Peach Ice, and Blueberry Ice. This full range of tobacco for hookah is icy-cool. You’ll love the punch of Double Apple Ice or the sweet kick of Mango Ice flavored tobacco. Or you can imagine yourself relaxing on a hot summer day with Mango Ice or Peach Ice flavored tobacco. And Strawberry Ice, Blueberry Ice, and Citrus Ice can satisfy your smoking session and quench your thirst with how refreshing they are. Fantasia is well-known for its star product, the Fantasia electronic hookah. These beauties are perfect for trying new flavors of hookah tobacco. See what the new Ice Series hookah tobacco flavors are all about with an Ice Mint disposable hookah! We’ve got Fantasia Ice Series tobacco hookah available in 50g packs and 200g jars now. This lets you and a large group of buddies experience a strong, flavorful smoke session several times, getting you great bang for your buck.

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