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Fantasia Herbal Shisha Flavors Release - New ICE Series

Fantasia Herbal Shisha Flavors Release - New ICE Series

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fantasia Non-Tobacco Hookah Flavors

For those still asking “what is herbal shisha?” We have the answers and Fantasia Hookah has the flavors. Experience all of the hookah fun without the nicotine and tobacco. Fantasia is a high energy brand looking to please the night lifers and those that like to have fun. Creative shisha blends with bold, fun flavors and unique names to either get the party started or keep it going strong. Fantasia Hookah has moved into the world of non-tobacco hookah with their line of herbal shisha using many of the same great tastes that made them so popular. Now, the new release of herbal flavors and a whole new ICE Series is expanding the line even more!

Herbal Shisha Vs Flavored Tobacco

A quick breakdown. Tobacco-free, nicotine-free hookah shisha. All of the flavor, smoke, and fun of a traditional hookah session without the nicotine buzz or unwanted tobacco effects. Herbal Shisha is made with natural ingredients such as glycerin, molasses, honey, tea leaves, sugar cane, and flavoring juices. Big clouds and bold flavor just like your favorite shisha tobacco without nicotine or tobacco. Moving on. Woman side profile Smoking Fantasia Non Tobacco Hookah Flavors

Newly Released Fantasia Hookah Herbal Shisha Blends

Among the latest flavor release from Fantasia Herbal Shisha, you may find familiar blends from their shisha tobacco line. Popular blends that just had to be transferred over to the non-tobacco counterpart. Expect the same bold tastes and great Fantasia Hookah quality without the buzz!

Fantasia Cactus Breeze

Does anyone know what cactus tastes like? Listed as a citrus cactus fruit blend, Cactus Breeze gives off some strong citrus vibes with tastes of pineapple and orange. A refreshing taste that could mix well with just about any herbal shisha flavor you can think of. New Herbal Shisha Flavors Fantasia Hookah - Fantasia Cactus Breeze, Fantasia Firecracker, Fantasia Guava Breeze, The Million Dollar Flavor

Fantasia Firecracker

You know those firecracker popsicles from when you were a kid right?! The rocket-shaped red, white, and blue chillers that were a must buy from the ice cream truck. Yeah those, that’s what Firecracker tastes like. A mix of blue raspberry, lemon mint, and cherry to help you feel like an excited child chasing down that ice cream truck in the middle of the summer again.

Fantasia Guava Breeze

A rare and exotic tropical guava blend from Fantasia Hookah. Sweet, smooth tastes that some compare to a strawberry, pear hybrid fruit. Take a trip to the rainforest with Guava Breeze herbal shisha.

Fantasia The Million Dollar Flavor

A mystery shisha flavor from Fantasia, The Million Dollar Flavor is up to the smoker to decide. Listed as Mystery Berry, we’ve had speculation of cherry cola, cherry menthol, candy cherry with cake, and even bubblegum. This flavor may never be fully understood but we like it. A million dollars says you will too. New Fantasia ICE Series Herbal Shisha - Fantasia Blueberry Ice, Fantasia Citrus Ice, Fantasia Lemon Ice, Mango Ice, Peach ice

Coming Soon – Fantasia ICE Series Herbal Hookah

Fantasia has gone back to the drawing board and reformulated their mint flavorings. A new release of the Fantasia Herbal Shisha ICE Series is on the way to SouthSmoke! Combining your favorite fruit flavors with the new signature Fantasia ICE Mint Flavor for a unique cool taste. Find herbal shisha blends like Strawberry Ice, Citrus Ice, Mango Ice, Peach Ice, and many more!

Buy Fantasia Herbal Shisha at!

Check out the huge selection of Fantasia Hookah Herbal Shisha flavors right now at! Too many shisha blends to count with crazy names and even crazier flavor. Find the latest releases and the new Fantasia ICE Series coming soon, keep an eye out!

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