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Fall Shisha Flavors - Halloween Hookah Deals

Fall Shisha Flavors - Halloween Hookah Deals

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Shisha Flavors for the Fall Season

It’s that time of year again. Fall! The race for all the pumpkin flavored everything is underway. When restaurants switch to Fall mode, it’s tough to avoid changing your diet during the season. That way of thinking can be demonstrated throughout the hookah community as well, typically because we’re easily inspired by our surroundings and what we eat. Some of our favorite companies bring out their best their Fall shisha flavors this time of year, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t smoked everything on this list. If you’ve never been a part of this seasonal rotation, we strongly recommend you use this list to add to your palette.

Popular Fall Shisha Flavors

Fumari Spiced Chai

This flavor tends to show up on every Top 10 flavors list, and for good reason. Fumari Spiced Chai is just that good. Whether you smoke it by itself or combine it with something else, once that spice taste hits your tongue you’ll be transcended into a new world of flavors. Fumari Spiced Chai is widely popular with both novice and veteran smokers alike.

Trifecta Tobacco Apple Pie

Apple Pie by Trifecta Tobacco falls (no pun intended) into this season of flavors just right. With the combination of green apple, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon spices, this flavor will have you craving a real apple pie in no time. Apple Pie is part of the Trifecta Dark line. It contains a higher nicotine content in comparison to its blonde predecessor, therefore produces the best results when using a semi-dense slight under pack in a phunnel bowl.

Trifecta Tobacco Spiced Java

Spiced Java by Trifecta is a flavor that will help jumpstart your day. With the smooth morning coffee taste combined with the addition of extra spices, it is a flavor that will give you the boost you need to start your day.

Haze Tobacco Pumpkin Pleasure

Haze Tobacco does amazing work with decadent flavors over the years. On the first inhale, Pumpkin Pleasure delivers what seems to be the closest thing to a slice pumpkin pie along with a touch of a vanilla-like custard. You’re pulling in spices that delivers the best smoke in terms of texture before daydreaming of pumpkin pie. Pumpkin Pleasure is just as enjoyable by itself as it is mixed with other flavors. Caution: This flavor may cause hunger.

Starbuzz Holiday Mix

Holiday Mix is part of the Starbuzz Exotic line and for good reason. With the use of many different spices, touches of cinnamon, and anise makes this a complex combo that stands apart from others. As the flavor profile starts to break down the unique fruit taste, you’re very close to entering that earthy aspect of flavor. With a hint of nutmeg and ginger snap on the backend, it is the perfect flavor for a nice fall day.

Trifecta Tobacco TKO

Trifecta TKO is also part of Trifecta’s Dark Line. TKO goes out to all the Nutella fans with a rich blend of chocolate and hazelnut. It exhibits a strong taste and smell that is surprisingly distinct from similar flavors.

Interested in Fall Shisha Flavors? Look no further than

Stop in for a scroll through the largest selection of flavored tobacco on the web to find your new favorite fall season inspired shisha blend. To make it even more tempting, we are currently promoting a Halloween Hookah Deal of 11% OFF everything sitewide so there’s not a better time to buy! This special offer only lasts from Oct 22nd through Nov 1st so don’t wait. Just enter the promo code SPOOKY11 at checkout and enjoy your savings. Happy Holidays and keep on smokin’!

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