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Fall Inspired Hookah Shisha Flavors 2020

Fall Inspired Hookah Shisha Flavors 2020

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Get Your Autumn Shisha Flavors On!

Get your hoodies and your boots, cold weather is here. Bring on the fall colors, crisp air and smell of burning leaves as we head toward the holiday season. My favorite time of year and my favorite season for hookah shisha flavors! Nothing beats the sweet and savory fall tastes like chai tea, warm coffee, smooth pumpkin, and cinnamon cookies in your hookah bowl. Perfect shisha mixes for cuddling up on the couch in front of the fire or outside watching the leaves fall. Or, my all-time favorite, dessert hookah after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. No matter when or how you decide to smoke them, fall hookah shisha flavors are the best and we break down our preferred blends of 2020.

A Nice Warm Cup of Hookah Shisha

Sometimes tea or coffee is better through a hookah. How about this: Drink chai tea while you smoke chai tea. Mind blown. Some of the best fall flavored hookah shisha blends are drink inspired tastes. Chai is a popular one and coffee or latte blends are right there as well. Drink blends mix well with fruit shisha flavors too! Try your hand at some hookah mixology with these fall inspired shisha flavors.

Mazaya Tobacco Chaila

New from Mazaya Hookah Tobacco, Chaila, a chai latte flavored tobacco with undertones of some popular spices. A general mix of chai tea, milk, and cinnamon with a slight hint of clove. Perfect for a hookah session in the chilly fall morning air. Trifecta Tobacco fall shisha flavors Trifecta Pumpkin Somethin, Trifecta Spiced Java, Trifecta Vanilla

Trifecta Tobacco Pumpkin Somethin’

You can’t go through fall without a pumpkin spice latte, right?! It’s a flavor we look forward to every year. PSL is a must-have as soon as autumn hits and we have the perfect hookah shisha flavor for it. Trifecta Tobacco has one of, if not the best pumpkin shisha blends with Pumpkin Somethin’. Mix that with Spiced Java and Vanilla and you have a delicious pumpkin spiced latte.

Fumari Spiced Chai

A crowd pleaser, Spiced Chai is at the top of the list for tea flavored shisha. Not only is it a well-rounded fall inspired shisha blend but you can also receive a free Fumari beanie when you order Spiced Chai right now at No promo code needed! Two reasons Fumari Spiced Chai makes it on our list. Fumari Spiced Chai hookah tobacco with cinnamon sticks, chai latte mug, hookah shisha and fumari beanie

Comfort Food – Savory Dessert Shisha Flavors

With the holidays around the corner, you know that good food is coming. What’s the best part of those delectable dinners? Dessert. This is not a debate. Also undisputable, dessert hookah shisha flavors are the best flavored tobacco profiles. Here are our choices for best dessert shisha blends this fall season.

OverDozz 24 Karatine

OverDozz is taking over the shisha world and 24 Karatine is a big part of it. Pack this bowl right after Thanksgiving dinner to satisfy any sweet tooth. A delicious combination of cookies with banana and cappuccino. You’ll wish this bowl never ends. Luckily smoking cookies doesn’t carry the same calories as eating a plate of them. OverDozz Tobacco 24 Karatine hookah shisha flavor container and stack of oatmeal cookies

Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu

Mmmm Tiramisu. Chocolate coffee cake smoked through your best hookah pipe. Add in the tobacco profile that comes with Starbuzz Vintage shisha and this bold hookah flavor will take over your senses. A great way to chill out before the food coma hits from the turkey.

Azure Tobacco Cinnamon Cookies

A holiday staple, cinnamon cookies. Azure Tobacco brings the sweetness with this cinnamon, sugary shisha flavor and it tastes like grandma just pulled it out of the oven. Mix in some Azure Royal Raspberry for a fruity, tart kick and you have yourself the perfect dessert hookah shisha blend. Azure Tobacco Cinnamon Cookies Hookah Flavor and blondie brownie bars with peppermint candy

Looking for Fall Flavors? Buy Hookah Online at

This is just a handful of the fall inspired shisha flavors on hand and ready for your order at Stop in a scroll through the largest selection of flavored tobacco on the web to find your new favorite fall season shisha blend. Happy holidays and keep on smokin’!

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