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Eve's Temptation - Haze Tobacco Flavor Shisha Review

Eve's Temptation - Haze Tobacco Flavor Shisha Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Eve's Temptation Flavored Shisha Review

One of Haze Tobacco's newest flavor releases, Eve's Temptation, is sure to bring you a heavenly smoking experience. Eve's Temptation is truly unique, taking the very traditional double apple shisha flavor and adding an exciting new twist. As with most Haze tobacco flavors Eve's Temptation is packed with juice and has the expectedHaze Tobacco cut and color. We at were very excited to smoke this flavor after opening the package and releasing the flavored shisha's aroma. The unique sweet smell of double apple fills the air but you will also notice tones of mint and fruit tones other than apple. We couldn’t decide exactly what other fruit had been thrown into the mix until we packed the bowl and blew a few clouds. For the best results pack Eve's Temptation into a Phunnel Bowl or Premium Egyptian Style Clay Bowl by Vapor Hookahs. Slightly over-pack the flavored shisha above the rim and let the foil push the tobacco down and we guarantee you will get great clouds and flavor.

Eve's Temptation:How It Tastes

Getting back to the flavor of Eve's Temptation, this flavor will have a slight mint mixed in with the double apple and also earthy tones that we believe to be flavors of paan. These flavors mix well with the double apple but then again paan mixes well with most shisha flavors. We believe that the other fruit thrown into the mix is mango. The mango flavors are not candy-like but more like the taste of an actual fresh mango. All in all, these flavor profiles mix very well and produce a must try smoke. Hookah Enthusiasts and Double Apple fans should definitely try this one of a kind flavor. We recommend pairing your Haze tobacco with the high quality Haze Coconut coals. These coals last long and do not affect the flavor of the tobacco, ensuring you get the full experience of Haze Eve's Temptation.

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