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Equal Parts Sweet, Sour & Cool - Ugly Hookah Tri-Force Review

Equal Parts Sweet, Sour & Cool - Ugly Hookah Tri-Force Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

A Refreshing Experience - Ugly Hookah

I want you to think of a refreshing fruit-infused glass of ice water. An exhilarating rush of that crisp, sweet drink on a hot summer day. The bitterness of grapefruit, the tart of blueberry and topped off with tasty mint and the icy chill. Ugly Hookah Tobacco captured just the feeling with their new flavor Tri-Force. A stimulating mix of sweet and sour fruits with the cooling effect of mint. Read on to find out more about the latest flavored tobacco to hit the market from Ugly! Fruit infused water with a variety of fruit on cutting board outside.

The Ugly Background

Where and How.

Manufactured in the United States, Ugly Hookah Tobacco is based in the Midwestern town of Oak Lawn, Illinois. Remember the “s” is silent… They’ve used years of testing and customer feedback to create some of the highest quality, best tasting flavored tobacco in the hookah industry. Traditional and unique flavor profiles alike, Ugly Hookah Tobacco packs a flavorful punch and quality buzz. Coming in at 0.79% nicotine content, we recommend Ugly to more intermediate or veteran smokers. Ugly Hookah logo with brand features premium quality, smooth, made in USA, fresh cut, rich blend, cloudy, fruity and long lasting.

The Mix by Ugly Hookah

Ugly Hookah Tobacco is a premium Virginia tobacco, cut and marinated in small batches. Only the finest flavoring extracts and oils are used along with a skillful mix of honey and molasses to create the long-lasting flavors. All done without the use of dyes, bleaching or color enhancers. Every batch is tested for quality before it’s packaged and packed upon order for maximum freshness. They have a quality slogan too, “UGLYNEVERTASTEDSO GOOD”. Catchy.

Ugly Tri-Force Review

But Why? Plus Smells.

Originally created for a small hookah supply shop in Columbus, Ohio, Ugly Hookah’s Tri-Force flavor is now being released to the entirety of the U.S. market. Refreshingly tart, it’s an even mix of grapefruit, blueberry and cooling mint. The logo reflects this with an equilateral triangle featuring colored corners that represent each individual flavor. A very balanced blend of flavored tobacco as they are all pre-mixed in even thirds. The smell is strikingly spot on to the profile. Smells of each ingredient are present, grapefruit a bit stronger than the others. A potent smell with the cool, tingly feeling of mint in your nose. Pack some in your favorite hookah bowl and let’s move on to what matters, the smoke. Ugly Hookah and Tri-Force Logo for flavor review blog on

The Smoke.

Hookah sessions come down to two things, inhale and exhale. The flavor can differ on each. Alright, maybe I simplified hookah a bit much but as far as flavor testing goes, this is what matters. Tri-Force is great during both. Beginning with the initial inhale, you’ll get a small hint of mint with strong grapefruit. Maybe a bit sour but also sweet, if that makes sense. Following up at the tail end is a natural blueberry. Very similar to a huckleberry flavor. Hard to do with flavored tobacco. A very smooth and flavorful inhale. On the exhale, an even more potent, tart grapefruit. A familiar cooling effect from the mint follows with a very faint blueberry. A very refreshing end to a wonderful hookah session. Be sure to try the latest blend from Ugly Hookah Tobacco with Tri-Force from!

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