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Epic Tobacco Mixes for Spring 2018

Epic Tobacco Mixes for Spring 2018

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Spring time is just around the corner and boy am I ready for some warm weather so I can enjoy my hookah outside the comfort of my warm cozy home once again. What better way is there to start off the season than with a list of some of the best warm weather mixes to help make the most of those beautiful Spring days?


Al-Fakher is a staple for most and they have so many flavors to choose from that the combinations can seem endless. One of our favorites is a mix of 50% Kiwi, 25% Strawberries and Cream, and Vanilla. The kiwi is sweet and fruity and couples perfectly with strawberry as we all know. The vanilla boosts the cream notes and adds a bit of smoothness to the whole mix. The result is sweet, fruity, creamy, and delicious!


Fumari has a ton of flavors that compliment spring without the need of mixing anything at all but one of our go to Fumari mixes is 70% Ambrosia and 30% Guava. Ambrosia is a sweet and creamy dessert flavor with a spotlight on honeydew that is a delicious and smooth smoke all on its own but the guava added in gives it a nice tropical fruit tone that puts a little pizazz in the overall flavor profile.


Haze is back in full swing and nothing compliments a warm Spring day better than pink lemonade in your glass so why not put some in your bowl. Combined Shop 5 cents a cup, Cucumberita, & Summertime to create the ultimate bowl beverage. The refreshing tartness of 5 cents lemonade mixed in with the citrus margarita notes from Cucumberita make the heart of the mixture with the mixed berries of Summertime thrown in to create the perfect pink margarita!

Trifecta Dark

Trifecta Dark is another brand with flavors that are strong on their own but we didn’t want the blonde leaf brands to have all the fun. Mix 40% Lime, 40% Raspberry, and 20% Lychee for a limeade with a berry boost! Dark leaf tobaccos and warm Spring evenings are a match made in heaven.


Ugly tobacco knows how to bring flavor to a whole different level. Mix 40% Secret Agent, 30% Marcoje, and 30% Sergeant Huckleberry for a fruit explosion. There’s a lot of fruity goodness in this mix and it’s difficult to pick out one fruit from the next but trust us when we say that this is berries taken to an epic degree!

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You can find all these flavors and many more right now on What are your favorite Spring mixes? Post a pic of your mix to Instagram with the #SouthSmokeSpring and tag @SouthSmokeCom to let us know.

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