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Enjoy Great Benefits with A Account

Enjoy Great Benefits with A Account

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Buy Hookah Online - Get Benefits

Looking for some special offers from all of the shopping that you do on You are already here buying the best hookahs, hookah accessories, and shisha available online, how about you get some extra benefits for your great taste. Whether you are a new customer or a frequent shopper it is free and easy to setup a account. You are passing up some seriously great perks if you haven’t made an accountyet. So what do you get with your account? South Smoke benefits for buying hookah online


Special Offers – By registering for an account on you will receive our email newsletters with exclusive deals, discounts and offers for members only. Everyone likes to save money and its completely free to sign up. Order Tracking 24/7 – We are the fastest in the business at shipping out your hookah orders, but if you are curious as to where your package is at in transit registering for an account will give you 24/7 access to online order tracking to put your mind at ease. Membership Rewards Program – Get something in return for the hard earned money that you spend with us. This is hands down the best perk of registering for a account. For every single dollar that you spend with us you will earn 1 Smoke Point. So what can you do with these Smoke Points? Spend these points on awesome products! You can even convert these Smoke Points into store credit via our Smoke Points Gift Card system! For as little as 90 smoke points you can redeem them for a $5 dollar Smoke Points Gift Card. That’s not all you can redeem those Smoke Points for though. In addition to gift cards, you can redeem your Smoke POintsfor retail merchandise and Travel Awards! If you haven’t seen these yet check out the Rewards Mall!

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