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Don’t Touch My Fumari Blueberry Muffin!

Don’t Touch My Fumari Blueberry Muffin!

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Dont touch my fumari blueberry muffin

Blueberry Muffin for Your Hookah

The smell of warm fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins. Filled with delicious fruit and a touch of sweet. Blueberry Muffins are a staple of the American culture, just like Apple Pie and the 4th of July! Blueberry Muffins are your every morning breakfast delight, your afternoon snack, or your after dinner dessert.

Fumari Blueberry Muffin Shisha Flavor

Hookah tobacco brand Fumari has taken our every day love of blueberries and muffins and turned this delight into the Shisha flavor that is one of this brand's most popular sellers. Fumari’s flavored tobacco mix doesnottaste like some blueberry hard candies, but instead is reminiscent to the sweetness enjoyed in a blueberry muffin or blueberry pancake. Instead of tasting like the sweet and sour blueberries, Fumari flavored hookah tobacco has made their flavor mix to taste purely like sweet blueberries. The quality and accuracy of this blueberry shisha flavor has made it one of Fumari’s top 3 hookah tobacco flavors. Fumariknows that a hookah session is only as good as it tastes. Which is why Fumari hookah tobacco is known for their dedication to delicious flavors and an enjoyable smoke. And, they are a good value for the hookah smoker.The 100g pouches of Fumari shisha tobacco contain up to 7 bowls in each, making the most of your hookah tobacco purchase. Delicious hookah smoking flavor plus a great value makes for a very happy hookah lover. Next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, pack your hookah full of Blueberry Muffin hookah shisha, available for order right here at Know that you will be enjoying the sweet taste of blueberry without any of the sour. Just make sure that when someone else picks up your hose to smoke, yell at them saying “Don’t touch my Fumari Blueberry Muffin!"

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