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DIY - Home Hookah Lounge

DIY - Home Hookah Lounge

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Lounge Vibes with the Comfort of Home

There is something about a well-put-together hookah lounge that just feels right. Whether it be the soft lighting, comfortable seating, or chill music, the vibe is just right for smoking shisha. But, smoking hookah in the comfort of your own home has its own benefits as well! The freedom to smoke how you like and what you like along with the ability to move about, make your own drinks, and create your own vibe. Maybe it’s time to bring the two worlds together. An at-home hookah lounge can be the perfect place to smoke with friends or for a relaxing session alone. Time to get creative and DIY that man cave.

Create Your Own Home Hookah Lounge

Building an in-home hookah lounge doesn’t take much work or even a load of cash. It can be as simple as setting the mood with dim lighting and a chill playlist coming through the speakers. A good selection of shisha tobacco goes a long way when friends come over to smoke and maybe have a couple of refreshments on deck to satisfy that thirst. And there you have it, your own hookah lounge. Just kidding. You didn’t think that was it did you? We are here to go all out. A full-on themed in-home hookah lounge your friends will be raving about. Let’s get into the key points to make this lounge your own.

Hookah Lounge Atmosphere

For those looking to do a little more and completely turn a room into their personal shisha lounge, the theme is everything. You can go with Arabian nights, modern and cutting edge, Mediterranean, hippie vibes, or something different and unique like an extraterrestrial feel. No matter the theme you choose, stick to it throughout the room. The music choice, lighting, and décor need to work together for the overall look to work. Hookah Lounge Atmosphere - room with couch and three tall hookahs on table

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is a must. You and your guests don’t want to be constantly moving around to get comfy while smoking. Have big, soft cushions, maybe a bean bag chair or an XL armchair to sink into and enjoy the shisha flavors. Once again, make sure the look of the chair fits the theme.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is important. With a modern lounge, let the glow of your hookah LEDs flood the room. For a more classic look, soft lamps, candlelight, or color-changing mood lights will do the trick. Opting for the hippie vibe? You know I had to mention lava lamps. One rule, absolutely no fluorescent lighting! A dark room with accent lights is the way to go in all cases.

Music Choices

Music finishes off every room. Match your music to your theme and let it play in the background. Nothing overbearing. Hookah is best smoked with friends and that can’t happen when you can’t hear each other. Hookah Accessories for your Shisha Lounge

Hookah Accessories to Build Your Own Lounge

Essential Hookah Accessories

Some hookah accessories are essential for any hookah lounge. To host a hookah party with several guests, you’ll need these accessories at the bare minimum. An extra-large charcoal holder to safely move hot coconut charcoal in large quantities. Gotta keep those hookahs firing! Disposable hose or just extra hookah hoses for your friends as well as hookah mouth tips to keep it all hygienic. Speaking of extra hoses, a multiple hose hookah like the ATH Charnewa four hose hookah can be handy when sharing a smoke. And, a wide selection of shisha flavors may be the most important piece to satisfying guests. Let them choose the flavors they want to smoke. Having options for those solo smoking sessions isn’t bad either.

Nice to Have Shisha Extras

Add some features to your home hookah lounge to take it up a notch. An LED light hookah base is perfect for the modern lounge. Let the light changing effect take over any room. High-end hookah tongs like the Blade Tongs bring a more high-end feel to any session. Last but not least, a hookah heat management device like the Apple On Top Provost 2 will put those lounge smoking sessions over the top! hookah lounge room with large sofas and single hookah in center of room

Get All of Your Hookah Supplies at

When you are ready to supply your new at-home hookah lounge, visit to stock it up with all of the best hookah shisha, coconut charcoal, and hookah accessories. No matter the theme, look, or feel of your smoking den, we have the essentials to get it smoking right!

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