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Delicious! New Al-Waha Flavors

Delicious! New Al-Waha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Al-Waha Flavors Displayed

New Releases from Al-Waha Tobacco

Have you settled on a favorite Flavored Tobacco? Unable to break out and risk trying something new. Is it starting to get old or boring? Was your New Years resolution to discover new tastes in your smoke sessions? Expand your Hookah palate per se. Al-Waha Tobacco has just what you need. Five new flavors in their Elite Edition coming soon to We at SouthSmoke are always excited when we get new tobacco flavors in. We feel that part of the fun in Hookah is trying new mixes, comparing and taking sides on which we like better. With the new release from Al-Waha, we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Al-Waha Tobacco has been around since 1972 and is well known in the Hookah community for its exotic collection of Flavored Tobacco and interesting flavor names. Manufactured in Jordan and sold around the world, the Elite Edition is a blonde medium cut French leaf tobacco free of any added color. Fairly juicy and very flavorful the whole Flavored Tobacco line is a must try. The purpose of the latest line of Flavored Tobacco from Al-Waha was to accomplish a strong flavor capable of holding up throughout a smoke session. Heavy enough to not fade from start to finish. These creative mixes with even more creative names are meant to give you your best session yet. Let’s get into these new flavors I’ve been hinting at, shall we?

NEW Al-Waha Flavors

Sliced Watermelon a new flavor from Al Waha Tobacco

Big Boy

Flavor Profile – Watermelon Chill A strong watermelon taste with a cooling effect at the end. Not a mint but more of an icy feeling. Lemon Ice a new flavor from Al Waha Tobacco


Flavor Profile – Lemon Chill Heavy lemon flavor with that same icy cooling effect. Blackberry a new flavor from Al Waha Tobacco

Dirty Thirty

Flavor Profile – Blackberry with Strong Mint Exactly how it sounds with the extra strength mint.

Friday 13

Flavor Profile – Peach-Vanilla Ice The creamy mix of peach and vanilla with that icy cool at the end. Spearmint plant a new flavor from Al Waha Tobacco


Flavor Profile – Strong Spearmint For all those spearmint lovers. Strong is an understatement.

Try Al-Waha's Elite Line of Hookah Tobacco

Break out of your shell and get excited for the latest from Al-Waha Tobacco’s Elite Edition! Keep your eyes peeled for the release on

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