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Dark vs Blonde Tobacco

Dark vs Blonde Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Even though dark blends have been a common trend these past few years, some newer hookah enthusiasts still may not understand or be familiar with the differences between dark and blonde leaf tobacco. Let’s start at the base of production. Blonde leaf, or traditional cut, is often flue cured whereas dark leaf is often air cured. Dark maintains a very high nicotine content due to the tobacco remaining unwashed. Blonde, of course, still contains nicotine, just not as much as dark due to having been washed.

Dark Leaf Tobacco vs Blonde Tobacco: What are the Differences?

Because dark leaf contains a higher nicotine content, it is typically very strong and not recommended to newer smokers who have yet to build up a tolerance. In terms of binders, dark leaf tends to use molasses and blonde usually uses honey. There are exceptions, of course, but it is usually safe to assume they typically follow this trend. The best way to look at dark vs blonde is to compare them to black vs milk coffee. While one could start on dark leaf tobacco, they may not enjoy the initial experience as much as they would with a blonde.

The Best Dark & Blonde Leaf Tobaccos at

The main differences lie in production. Whatever your preference is, we have you covered. Here at, we carry many varieties of both blonde and dark leaf tobacco. For dark leaf, we have Starbuzz Vintage, the Tangiers lines, Trifecta: Dark, and many other options. For blonde, we also carry a variety ranging from Khalil Mamoon and Haze: Premium Flavors, all the way over to the Zomo: World Experience line. If tobacco in general is not your thing, however, we do also carry an impressive lineup of herbal shisha for the nicotine-free hookah lover. As long as you are happy with your hookah session and flavor, it does not matter what you choose to smoke.

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