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Crown Hookah Charcoal Review

Crown Hookah Charcoal Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Crown 40mm Quick-Lighting Charcoal

If you're someone that loves the ease of quick-light charcoal for your hookah, then we have a new addition that you have to try. This hookah coal gets its name from the upside down "crown" appearance they are formed into for the purposes of what Carbopol calls Air Heat Technology. The "crown" shape these coals possess allows for proper burning of the entire charcoal tablet due to consistent air flow under the coal and eliminating cold spots that are usually associated with disc shaped coals.

Organic Hookah Coals

Another great feature is that Crown hookah coals are completely organic. Not only are they made of natural wood but also do not have any nitrates or sulfur mixed in. This allows for the shisha flavor to really come though with the smoke without any hints of a chemical or charcoal taste. You will also experience an easier pull as the air moves freely under the coal, making your session much more pleasurable. You can also expect to achieve a full 60 minute smoking session with this product due to the fact that Crown charcoal produces a charcoal tablet that is more dense compared to other top quick-light brands on the market.

Low Ash With Crown Hookah Charcoal

Another awesome thing about the denser tablet that really got us excited about this charcoal is the very low level of ash through out your session. Most quick-lighting coals burn very fast leaving you with mounds of ash... not with Crown. Crown really sets the standard for what we should expect, in every aspect, from high quality quick-lighting hookah coal. Crown requires no maintenance and works great with all styles of hookah bowl. For larger bowls you may want to use 2 coals. We highly recommend that any hookah enthusiast that currently uses quick-lighting coal give Crown a shot. We are sure that you will not be disappointed as Crown offers an all around great smoking experience.

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