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How To Cool Down Your Hookah Smoking Session

How To Cool Down Your Hookah Smoking Session

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Hookah How To Cool Down Your Hookah Sessions

How to cool down your hookah experience

As we approach the summer months, prepare to cool off from the hot weather with a nice cool and refreshing Hookah. While some of you may be able to enjoy the ocean breeze and smoke outdoors on your Hookah patio or balcony, many will choose to stay inside in your Hookah den. Either way, we’ve got many options to cool down your Hookah session and have listed them below for your read and enjoyment:

Ice Chamber / Ice Bucket Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon is famous for their traditional Egyptian hand made Hookahs and offer one of the best smoking experiences available. Many of the KM Hookah models offer an ice chamber at the top of the Hookah where you may fill this area with ice cubes to help cool down the Hookah stem.Khalil Mamoon Basha Ice Chamber Hookah Check out these cool and unique Khalil Mamoon Ice Chamber Hookahs:

Hookah Accessories

It you’re happy with your current Hookah and don’t want to spurge on a summertime Ice Chamber Hookah, we’ve got some cool Hookah smoking accessories to help keep you cool this summer:

Hookah Wind Covers

Don’t forget to check out some of our unique Hookah Wind Covers if you’re able to catch the nice evening summer breeze on your Hookah patio or Hookah porch: From all of us at, we hope you enjoy these tips and have a great summer!

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