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CocoVapor All-Natural Coconut Coal is Back in Stock!

CocoVapor All-Natural Coconut Coal is Back in Stock!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

CocoVapor Coconut Coal is Back in Stock Just in Time For Christmas!

CocoVapor Coconut Coal is back in stock at! Do you know someone who deserves a little charcoal for Christmas? We sure do. Naughty or nice, coconut hookah coals are a gift every hookah lover will appreciate. You can never have too much, and CocoVapor Coconut Charcoals from Vapor Hookahs are available now in all sizes — just in time for Christmas! CocoVapor Coconut Coals are made with all-natural, compressed coconut shells.Raved about by hookah enthusiasts for their premium all-natural ingredients, these coals heat up quickly, maintain consistent heat, and improve the quality of every hookah session.

Why Are We So Excited About CocoVapor Hookah Coals?

One of the great features of CocoVapor Coals is how quick they are to light! If you preheat an electric coal, these coals are ready to smoke in under 4 minutes. Noticeably faster than most charcoal flats which may take upwards of 6-8 minutes, CocoVapor charcoals are ready to go with only 2 minutes on each side. The cubes take a little longer, but not by much; still an impressive 5-6 minutes until ready to smoke. These coals have no smell while lighting, which makes them even better. CocoVapor Coconut Coals Back In Stock - Coconut Charcoal Cubes Perhaps more important than the initial lighting time is how these CocoVapor hookah charcoals affect your smoking session. These coals are absolutely flavorless, which means your shisha flavors are all you're going to taste when you use CocoVapor. Very minimal cracking and ash create a clean smoke. The flats carry a little more heat than the cubes, making them a great choice if you're looking for coals with easier heat management. 2-3 cubes will push through the hour mark and some testers have taken them past an hour and a half with no problems. Comparable in quality to top brands, the size of CocoVapor cubes follow the industry standard. There won’t be any problem fitting them in your hookah heat management device.

Experience CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal - Shop

If you are in the market for a new brand of hookah charcoal, whether your favorite has dropped off in quality lately or you’re just looking for something different and maybe better, CocoVapor Coconut Charcoals are definitely worth a try. CocoVapor is available in cubes or flats in a 1kg box to stock up for future use or 1/2kg boxes for a trial run. If you want to buy these hookah charcoals wholesale for retail or your lounge, 10kg boxes of cubes are available as well. Find them all at

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