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CocoUrth Coals Review

CocoUrth Coals Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Share is proud to announce that we are now carrying CocoUrth Coconut Charcoals! Many consider CocoUrth’s coals to be the best on the market. They're odorless, tasteless, and low ashing with optimal shape options. They are also spark-free and smoke-free. These coals are natural non-quick lighting and do need to be lit over a stove, burner, or any open flame as lighters do not work for non-quick lighting coals. These coals should take 7-10 minutes to light, depending on your burner, so just sit back and relax or pack your bowl during this time but be sure to never leave the burner unattended.

CoCoUrth Natural Coconut Charcoals | Environmentally Friendly

CocoUrth Coconut Charcoals is also great for the caring hookah smoker, as their charcoals are made using recycled coconut husks, which are a fully renewable resource that does not involve cutting down trees or harming the environment. As opposed to lemon or orange wood coals that do require the cutting down of trees. So CocoUrth is perfect for those of us who wish to downsize our carbon footprints and reduce our negative impact on this gorgeous planet we call home. While these are all natural coconut charcoal, we do not recommend using them for a detox session, face masks, or ingesting as is a trend right now. Please only use these charcoals for smoking shisha, as that is what they are made for. It would also be very sad to waste such high quality hookah coals.

User Reviews | Shop SouthSmoke for CocoUrth

CocoUrth guarantee these coals to last anywhere from 40-50 minutes, but most reviewers have found they last from an hour and a half to two hours! Don’t hold me to that, I am just the messenger from what many have claimed to experience with these coals. Overall, CocoUrth seems worth a try and at our our lowest price of $3.49, who can resist? Click here to pick up a box.

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