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Coco Nara Quicklight Charcoal - New Sizes 33mm and 40mm

Coco Nara Quicklight Charcoal - New Sizes 33mm and 40mm

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Coco Nara Quicklight Hookah Charcoal

Coco Nara Quicklight Charcoal

Oh Boy do we have BIG news for all you avid hookah smokers. As hookah smokers know, Coco Nara is one of the largest names in coconut hookah charcoal. Producing high quality charcoal that does not leave you with bad smell or taste, Coco Nara is arguably the best manufacturer of coconut hookah charcoal in the market today. With that being said we are very excited to announce that Coco Nara has released their very own line of quick-lighting charcoals and it is available for purchase at So the big question is "how do Coco Nara quick-lights stack up against the competition"? We put these hookah charcoals to the test to answer that question and the results were as expected. You can expect the same quality from these quick-light coals as all other Coco Nara products. The coal is completely tasteless, just be sure to make sure it is completely lit before placing it on your bowl top. Coco Nara quick-lights also have an impressive burn time. You can expect a full smoking session with great clouds for up to 60 minutes. These coals come in the traditional tablet shape as most quick-lights on the market do and for those of you who need a little more coal than 33mm, you also have a 40mm option to suite your needs. Coco Nara quick-lights come in rolls of 10 charcoal and 10 rolls to a box for a total of 100 tablets. You can pick up a box of 33mm for $10.99 and the 40mm Coco Nara Quicklighting Charcoals for $16.99 to try these caliber charcoals for yourself. Coco Nara quick-lights came to compete and definitely hold their own against the other top quick-lighting brands on the market today. also offers the option of purchasing these coals in individual rolls for anyone who wants to sample before buying the full box. Pick up yours today and let us know what you think. We are sure you will be satisfied.

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