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Chill Out with Iced Flavors from Mazaya Tobacco

Chill Out with Iced Flavors from Mazaya Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024

In Search of Cool - Mazaya Tobacco Iced Shisha

Hookah sessions outdoors make for a wonderful experience. Relaxing in the sun and taking in the enjoyable tastes of your flavored tobacco can’t be beaten. Don’t let warm smoke make the situation uncomfortable. Cool down with Mazaya Tobacco iced shisha flavors. Now that things are starting to heat up outside and spring is in full swing, hookah enthusiasts look for a way to cool down their smoke. The search can include freeze hose tips.freezing the silicone hookah hose in general, or placing ice or mint leaves in the hookah vase. Some will go as far as chewing on an Altoid candy while smoking but that only interrupts the flavors of the tobacco you were initially savoring. Mazaya Hookah Tobacco may have the best solution for this dilemma with its new “Iced” shisha flavors.

Deep, Full-Body Chill

Hookah tobacco with full-body flavor that Mazaya is known for and a cooling effect that will chill your senses, that was the goal with Mazaya Hookah Tobacco’s Iced flavors. The menthol feeling produces a very smooth smoke. Cooling your throat and creating a more enjoyable hookah session. Let’s go over some of the iced choices from Mazaya. Cold fog around tree

Iced Gum Mint

Like chewing on a stick of spearmint gum. You can feel that refreshing tingle in your nose. A light, sweet spearmint with a smooth inhale that’ll make you think there is snow on the ground.

Iced Lemon Mint

Natural lemon mixed with soothing, fresh mint. Much like an ice-cold glass of water that has been lemon-infused. If you are looking for a cool but tasty lemon-flavored tobacco, this is a must-try. Glass od ice water with lemon garnish on a beach

Iced Mint

A great mixer for fruity flavored tobacco or appreciate it on its own. Crisp, natural mint with that frigid chill.

The Importance of Quality - Mazaya Tobacco

100% French tobacco leaves are paired with natural ingredients like medicinal grade glycerin, pure honey, and all-natural flavors. Mazaya Hookah Tobacco only uses premium quality ingredients because they want to give you the best hookah smoking session possible. A dedicated monitoring and quality control department oversees every part of the hookah tobacco production process like beginning with the initial raw materials arriving at the factory. Surveying the production line and testing the hookah tobacco afterward. Finally, monitoring packaging and storage for shipping. Quality is of utmost importance to Mazaya Tobacco-Molasses.

Get Your Mazaya Tobacco Shisha

Find that perfect cooling effect along with all of the Mazaya flavored tobacco in 50g, 250g and 1kg sizes now at

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