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All Caged Up with Mya Hookahs

All Caged Up with Mya Hookahs

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Mya Hookahs

As one of the world’s foremost leaders in design and manufacturing of hookahs, you’ve probably already heard of Mya Hookahs. You may have already purchased one of their 1000’s of hookah designs or built your own. In fact, Mya is one of the only hookah companies in the business that makes their vases with real bohemian crystal. A few of the Mya Hookahs come with a unique feature that may have you ordering sooner than you thought! This added feature is a metal carrying cage for easy hookah travel and transport. Convenient for transporting your hookah to a party, vacation, or anywhere else you would like to partake in smoking your hookah. Listed below are a few examples of Mya Hookahs that come with those easy to transport carrying cage/wire basket:

Econo QT Mya Hookah

Mya QT Series

  Starting with a cost effective Econo QT, this small but very efficient hookah can play with the big boys. Coming in various colors, with a molded aluminum stem and glass base, this steal of a hookah deal can be converted into 2 person hookah. Next we move on to the Econo QT’s big brothers, the Regular Mya QT. Standing 14” tall, this great hookah won’t break the bank but come with better features such asa solid brass stem.

Mono Mya Hookah

Mya Mono

The Mya Mono Hookah stands apart in design and craftsmanship. At 16” tall and equipped with a brass stem, this hookah’s glass vase comes in stylish colors such as Black (Smoke Grey), Blue, Green, Light Purple (Burgundy), Pink, and Sky Blue. The great thing about all the Mya hookahs we mention here are their Auto Seal System that eliminates the need for rubber stoppers and flip caps when in use by multiple smokers. This Hookah is easily capable of being converted into a 4-person hookah. Vento Mya Hookah

Mya Vento

A very popular Mya hookah, the Mya Vento Hookah stands in at 16” in height and packs a real punch. Named from the Italian word “Vento” meaning “Wind”, this hookah creates a massive intake of air circulation that will give you giant smoke clouds. The glass vase comes in 6 different colors and has a strong brass shaft. Just as the Mya Mono and the Mya QT hookahs, this hookah uses the Auto Seal System that makes your life much easier. This hookah comes as a 1-person but can be easily converted to a 2, 3, or 4-person model. All of these Mya Hookahs and more are available at, your premier resource for avid hookah smokers worldwide.

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