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Buy Your First Hookah - Hookah Tips

Buy Your First Hookah - Hookah Tips

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Buying a Hookah for the First Time

You’ve tried hookah at a hookah lounge, you liked it and now you want to buy your own hookah. It’s the natural progression of smoking hookah. Along with the great feeling of owning your very own hookah, you can try the thousands of shisha flavors out there. Experiment with new tastes, charcoal styles, and a plethora of hookah accessories not available at your local hookah bar. But where do you start? Begin your search by shopping for hookahs online at and find the perfect first hookah for you! We are going to break down what makes a great first hookah and what to look for when making that initial purchase. Read on!

Buy Hookah on a Budget - Start Small

No need to go all out for your first hookah purchase. Smoking shisha takes time and experience. You’re going to make mistakes. Probably knock over your hookah pipe from time to time and maybe even forget to clean it after each session. We always recommend to start small and buy a hookah that is well within your budget to learn with. SouthSmoke carries a ton of great hookahs built with quality materials at budget-friendly prices to get you started. Smoking pipes from top brands in the industry in many different styles from top hookah brands in the industry. Everything you need to build a quality hookah session and enough options and colors to make it your own.

Best Hookah for Beginners

The best hookah for beginners comes down to several characteristics. Your best bet is to look for a sturdy shisha pipe made with quality materials that won’t break the bank and will last for years to come. Something that fits your style but is also strong enough to hold up while you learn to produce an enjoyable hookah session. We’ve compiled some of our favorite hookah brands and models to get you started.

Khalil Mamoon Hookah

Khalil Mamoon, the classic handmade hookah pipe. These KM Hookahs are known for their artisan craftsmanship and longevity. A very traditional hookah smoking experience that will stay in your hookah rotation even after you begin building your collection. There are several small hookah models to choose from with Khalil Mamoon Hookah that are solid pipes for beginner smokers. We recommend the Khalil Mamoon Safari. At a stable 22 inches tall, the KM Safari performs with the best of them and is under $50! Most hookah enthusiasts point beginners to this model and for good reason. Single Hose Hookahs - Navy Blue Hookah and Black Single Hose Hookah

Mya Hookah

If you ask veteran smokers what hookah they started with, 90% will tell you a Mya Hookah. Very simple hookahs that look classy and smoke great. With the Econo Mya Hookah line, you can pick up a brand new hookah for under $40! Mya Saray uses premium materials like stainless steel to provide long-lasting hookah stems and the Econo line offers small pipes at affordable prices perfect for those trying to learn. Check out the Econo Mya QT Hookah, available in many colors to fit your taste.

Vapor Hookahs

If you are interested in a more modern hookah for your first purchase, you may lean towards a Vapor Hookah. A newer hookah brand with a more modern flare, Vapor Hookahs provide top notch hookah sessions and unbeatable prices. The Vapor Lumi Hookah has bright colors to choose from and a stable base to help with tip overs. A modern silicone hose is great for trying new shisha tobacco flavors as well, as hookah flavors will not ghost or stick to the hose. Vapor has a huge selection of hookah models to choose from so you may also like the Vapor Amara, Kira or Leah as well!

Small Hookah vs Tall Hookah

One of the biggest questions asked when hookah newbies are buying their first hookah is will the height of the hookah affect the quality of smoke? Simple answer, no. A small hookah will provide a hookah session just as enjoyable as any tall hookah at a fraction of the price and less chance of unwanted tip-overs. So why do people buy tall hookahs? Tradition. Large hookahs give a more classic style and many hookah enthusiasts love their hookah culture. It’s a preference thing and once you gain some experience with a smaller pipe, we definitely recommend trying something taller in the future. Black Single Hose Vapor Hookah and Blue Double Hose Vapor Hookah with Shisha Tobacco in background - Hookah Tips

Hookah Accessories - Keep it Simple

Now, a hookah pipe is not all you will need to get your first hookah sessions going. When purchasing your first hookah, remember to get the essential hookah accessories as well. Don’t forget the shisha tobacco, hookah coals, and hookah foil needed to enjoy your new pipe. Hold off on non-essential hookah parts like heat management devices and wind covers until you feel comfortable with how your hookah sessions are going without them. If you can build a quality hookah session without these add-ons you are on your way to becoming a hookah master.

Where Can I Buy A Hookah?

By now, you know where to buy a hookah,! We have everything you need to get started with your first hookah and a list of shisha brands and flavors to fill your cabinets for years to come. If you ever need help or have further questions about your first hookah purchase, be sure to contact our helpful customer support team and they will gladly walk you through everything you will need! Welcome to the world of hookah and happy smoking!

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