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Introducing a Brand New Fantasia Tobacco Flavor!

Introducing a Brand New Fantasia Tobacco Flavor!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Hookah Tobacco Flavor from Fantasia

If you are looking for flavor then look no further than Fantasia hookah tobacco. Fantasia is known for its sweet and fruity mixes that focus heavily on mixed drinks and deserts. Each flavor is carefully crafted to create a truly sensational smoke. One of Fantasias newest lineups of shisha is called the Celebrity series. Each one is a new blend of some of the most popular shisha flavors out there. Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Flavors 200g shisha

New Fantasia Shisha Flavor: Charm Brittian

The newest edition to this lineup is the Charm Brittian.Fantasia's Charm Brittian is a mix of tropical orange that is sure to satisfy your citrus craving. This all new hookah tobacco flavor, as expected, is packed with delicious citrus taste. It is available in both the 50 gram pack and 200 gram pack. Be the first to give this new orange blend a go. We know you will like it.

Fantasia Tobacco Flavors

Here is the complete lineup flavors from the Celebrity Series available at Mally Mall – A melon mix that is sure to delight. If you like sweet melon you will love this melon mix. Massari – A grape with mint mixture that will light up your taste buds. Grape with mint is one of the best-selling flavors out right now so you cannot go wrong with Massari. Eric Bellinger – A great cherry mixture that will set your taste buds into overdrive. Nothing is better than the sweet and juicy taste of a fresh cherry, which this captures perfectly. Madzilla – You will be crazy mad about Madberry after trying this one. A mixture that can only be described as Madberry is a truly one of a kind and unique experience that you must try to believe. Don’t just take our word for it though Try them for yourself and tell us what you think! We always love hearing back from our customers! 1-888-577-6653.

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