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Brand New Babylonian Hookah And A New Wind Cover!

Brand New Babylonian Hookah And A New Wind Cover!

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Anbar Babylonian Vapor Hookah

New Babylonian Hookah from Vapor Hookahs

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our new Babylonian style hookahs then you absolutely need to! There are now a total of 4 models to choose from with each as gorgeous as the next. To view them all simply click on “Hookahs By Style” and then choose “Babylonian Hookahs” from the drop down menu that appears. These hookahs boast height and amazing detail. These hand painted artisan quality hookahs are great for display or for regular use.

Anbar Babylonian Hookah

Meet The Anbar Babylonian Hookah. It is the newest to the Babylonian hookah family. While it may have come in last off the production line the quality of this hookah is top notch. We like to think we saved the best for last! The shaft has a very unique tri-metal design that is an eye catcher for sure. Not to mention it stands 37 inches tall! Another defining feature of these hookahs is the hose. This hookah uses a unique hose that screws into the side of the stem instead of using a traditional grommet, keeping the hose attached to the hookah and not falling out. The purge valve is also located at the top of the hookah instead of at the bottom. Definitely a must see for your holiday shopping consideration this year! Vapor Hookahs Silicone Wind Cover Silicone Wind Cover – Nothing can ruin an outdoor hookah session like wind. Wind covers are a great solution to this but they can get HOT! We have created a very simple solution to this problem. This is used just like an ordinary wind cover but since it is made from silicone it won’t get hot. It can also easily be folded and put away for storage when you are not using it. Don’t try that with your metal wind cover! Priced at a cool $9.99 you won’t find many wind covers cheaper than this one and they certainly won’t be as portable!

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