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Blonde Tobacco vs Dark Tobacco Leaf

Blonde Tobacco vs Dark Tobacco Leaf

By admin / May 3, 2024

Kinds of Hookah Tobacco - Blonde Tobacco vs Dark Tobacco Leaf

If you are new to the activity of smoking hookah, the endless options of flavored tobacco may be confusing. So many shisha brands, an unfathomable number of mouthwatering flavors and they all have different colors and sizes of tobacco leaves. Also, what the heck is dark or blonde leaf tobacco?! Choosing what hookah to try first is daunting. You just want something that tastes good and blows huge clouds. So, where to start? is here to help you get on the right track and fill you in on the two basic types of hookah tobacco. A simple guide on the differences of blonde tobacco and dark leaf shisha to help you make the correct choice on your path to an enjoyable hookah session.

What is Blonde Tobacco?

Traditionally, hookah shisha has always used washed tobacco. Otherwise known as blonde tobacco. The term “washed” doesn’t mean washed up or old news, it actually means they washed the tobacco leaves in production. Soaking the raw tobacco leaves in water to lighten the nicotine content and earth tone flavors. This creates less nicotine buzz when smoked and also allows added flavors to be more noticeable. A perfect mix of attributes for someone new to smoking. If you don’t have a high tolerance to nicotine beforehand, blonde tobacco will be most enjoyable. The process of creating blonde shisha doesn’t end with a quick wash of the tobacco. Once cleaned of nicotine, the leaves need to be dried with what is called curing. Then, the addition of honey or molasses, glycerin and flavoring juices to create the end product. person holding blonde tobacco shisha

Flue Cured Tobacco

Most blonde shisha tobaccos are flue cured. This means the tobacco leaves are hung in curing barns with flues or vents that run from external fireboxes. This heats the tobacco without exposing it to smoke and slowly raising the temp until dry. All Virginia tobacco or French tobacco you find in brands like Mazaya Tobacco, Starbuzz Tobacco, Al-Fakher Shisha among others is flue cured. Flue curing helps to create a lighter taste which means a sweeter hookah session with more flavor from the additives.

How to Pack Blonde Shisha Tobacco

Blonde tobacco is the most popular form of hookah shisha and is a better choice for those just getting started with this hobby. Along with the lower nicotine levels and more prominent flavors, washed tobacco is easier to heat manage as well. When packing blonde shisha into your hookah bowl, just fluff it in and gently pat it down to just below the rim. Variations of the fluff pack can be used for different brands of shisha tobacco for best results. You can see a full pack density chart by brand here. But, for the most part, a normal to fluff pack will work for just about any washed tobacco. colored tobacco leaves

What is Dark Tobacco Leaf Shisha?

A relatively new kind of tobacco to the hookah market, dark leaf shisha is growing in popularity for hookah enthusiasts. Opposite of blonde tobacco, dark leaf is unwashed and retains a higher nicotine content and more robust earth tones and tobacco flavor. Usually used in cigars so imagine the cigar smell and taste in the background of the added flavors. The most popular tobacco in the dark leaf genre is burley tobacco. Most dark leaf brands like Tangiers, Trifecta Tobacco’s dark blend and the Azure Tobacco Black Line use burley tobacco. Expect a stronger buzz and more of a nicotine hit in your throat with dark tobacco leaf. It takes some getting used to and is more recommended for veteran hookah smokers that already have a higher nicotine tolerance. Dark leaf does have some benefits with stronger flavors and some may like the tobacco aroma that comes with. dark leaf tobacco in hookah bowl

Air Cured Tobacco

Burley tobacco is dried using the process of air curing. Similar to flue cured, tobacco leaves are hung in well-ventilated barns to dry but this time without flues to direct the heat. Without the added heat, this process can take much longer, up to four to eight weeks! The process allows the dark leaf tobacco to hold on to its nicotine content and rids it of natural sugar.

How to Pack Dark Leaf Shisha

Packing dark leaf tobacco can be a tough task and takes some practice to get just right. It’s easier to burn and can produce a harsh smoke with little warning. Heat management by rotating coals is a must throughout the session. I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s get back to the pack first… For best results, dark leaf tobacco needs to be packed denser than its blonde brethren. Spread it evenly around the bowl and press down until it is well packed together just below the rim. When poking holes in your hookah foil, make sure to push your poker through the tobacco to create airways. Use trial and error until your pack is just right for you. Now that you know the differences between blonde leaf tobacco and dark tobacco leaf, you can feel better about your shisha decisions. Choosing a flavor out of the hundreds on the market is a whole other discussion. No matter what you choose to smoke, you can find it at!

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