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Best New Shisha Brand of 2023 is Here: SHISHA KARTEL

Best New Shisha Brand of 2023 is Here: SHISHA KARTEL

By admin / March 4, 2023

The Best New Shisha Brand of 2023 is Here

After two years of rigorous testing and development in the Dubai and European markets, the makers from Al Fakher have released the best new shisha brand of 2023 - Shisha Kartel. Numerous taste testing events around the globe were held until the highest approval scores were met for best possible flavor and performance. Shisha Kartel is here to disrupt the status quo of the hookah landscape. Using a proprietary blend of premium blonde leaf tobacco, extraordinary flavor combinations are here to outweigh some of your favorite shisha blends!

How To Smoke Shisha Kartel Hookah Tobacco

Handcrafted in Dubai, the entire line of Shisha Kartel produces ultimate taste throughout massive clouds of smoke true to its lavish origin. Because it is a blonde leaf based shisha tobacco, Shisha Kartel can be used by any hookah enthusiast from beginner to pro. Using any type of hookah bowl and foil, or heat management device, anyone can reach a near-perfection shisha experience. Simply loose-pack your bowl with your flavor of choice and use two to three pieces of your favorite hookah charcoal. When loading, fill your bowl to just below the lip and give it a light press down to prevent burning. Since Shisha Kartel tobacco is made with only blonde leaf shisha, it should never be packed tightly.

The Shisha Kartel Flavor Lineup

Bullets or Benjamins

Refreshingly sweet honeydew meets heavy shots of watermelon on the first inhale. The satisfying tartness of pomegranate keeps things in balance and brings in a unique flavor on the exhale. Dangerously tasteful clouds are accentuated with icy backnotes.

Money Madness

Prepare yourself for an all-out battle of sweet and spice! Smooth and buttery mocha is prominent in the clouds from this madness mix. Bringing the sweetness is creamy marshmallow that perfectly matches its partner for a delectable treat you won't be able to get enough of!

Capo Dei Capi

Creamy vanilla packs a punch in the clouds from Capo Dei Capi followed by spicy cola to keep things grounded and not too sweet. This blend may remind you of a familiar flavor in a new, rich way.

Guilty Gang

An icy and refreshing exhale follows the blend of juicy pear and tangy lemon. The buttery sweetness of the pear is a perfect match to the citrusy zest of tart lemon. Guilty Gang is a shisha flavor that leaves you wanting more.

Krazee Kombo

Fragrant and sweet strawberry meets deliciously ripe raspberry in this combo. That’s not all though. Peach iced tea is perfectly blended in to taste a familiar flavor profile in a new way. All three together is something you’ve never tasted before!

Sexy Sheba

A well balanced pairing of mango and pomegranate promises to deliver with a pleasingly cool exhale in this mix. The sweet notes of mango are perfectly matched with the sweet, tart notes of a fresh pomegranate.
We hope you enjoyed this blog. We can’t wait for you to try Shisha Kartel. You can buy the full Shisha Kartel line of hookah tobacco flavors now at! If you’re new to hookah we have all the necessary items to help you start smoking right away. If you have questions or need help, give us a call at 888-577-6653. Our customer service team are experienced hookah smokers who can assist you with any questions that you may have!

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