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Best New Hookah Shisha Flavors 2019

Best New Hookah Shisha Flavors 2019

By Amir / April 29, 2024

A Decade of Hookah Products - Newest & Best Shisha Flavors of 2019

The year is coming to a close. Shoot, not just the year but the whole decade… crazy to think the 2010s have come and gone. What a decade for hookah! New hookah brands have come and gone from shisha tobacco and hookah charcoal to hookah pipes themselves. And, we can’t forget the wave of hookah heat management devices. The improvements to our favorite pastime have been abundant in the last ten years. It may be a bit of a tall ask to reflect on all of the changes to the hookah industry over the past decade. Let’s stick to the last year and focus on the best new hookah shisha flavors of 2019 for now. Best of 2019 New Hookah Shisha Flavors

New Year, New Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Were your 2019 hookah resolutions a success? Was one of them to grow your hookah palette with new shisha flavors? The past year was great for flavored tobacco releases. A pair of batches dropped from Al-Waha Tobacco and quickly became favorites at hookah lounges. The fast growing brand of Azure Tobacco really flexed their muscles with hookah shisha releases of their own. Something completely new from a globally known brand in Al-Fakher Shisha hit the market and the creatives at Trifecta blew some minds. If you didn’t find a new hookah flavor you liked this year, you did something wrong. Before we head into 2020, let’s take a look back at the best hookah shisha flavors of 2019.

Our Favorite Flavored Tobacco of 2019

With all of the new shisha tobacco released in the past year, it was hard to narrow it down to a list. I wanted to do the 10 best new flavors but that was impossible. I’ve dwindled it down to 13 leaving many solid hookah blends out. These are favorites of the employees here at SouthSmoke as well as best sellers from the latest batch releases. Fumari Tobacco Caribbean Colada with hand holding pina colada

Fumari Hookah Tobacco

If you like Pina Coladas, Caribbean Colada from Fumari Tobacco should be at the top of your list. A light and refreshing mix of vibrant pineapple and smooth coconut. Fumari Caribbean Colada was released right as summer was starting and their timing couldn’t have been better. A late summer release included Fumari Sour Cherry. A different take on cherry shisha with a tart, sour hit followed by a sweet exhale. An exhilarating shisha flavor!

Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco

The award for most new shisha flavor releases has to go to Al-Waha Tobacco in 2019. Two batches of 5 blends in the calendar year! Hookah lounges and hookah enthusiasts been coming back for these flavors so often that we can’t keep them in stock. Al-Waha I Love 66, formally known as I Love 69 is an iced melon and maracuja (passion fruit) mix. Refreshing and bold at the same time. Al-Waha Big Boy was another huge hit. Classic watermelon with a cooling effect. Not mint, just the right amount of chill. A tweak on a traditional hookah flavor. Azure Hookah Tobacco Strawberry Guava Shisha with cut strawberries and strawberry fruit drink

Azure Tobacco

You have to love the push by Azure Hookah in the last few years. A brand rapidly growing in popularity among hookah enthusiasts. The release of Azure Rio Mint in the Gold Line and Black Line was a huge success. Strong peppermint shisha flavors have to be the flavor of 2019 as you’ll see another later. Azure Strawberry Guava is a fruity explosion of flavor. A candied strawberry with sweet, natural guava and solid standalone shisha tobacco. Pick this up in Azure Gold or Azure Black as well.

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco

Trifecta Peppermint Shake actually came out right around New Year’s Eve last year but we’ll wrap it into 2019 because it’s one of the most talked about shishas of the year. Smooth and creamy peppermint milkshake. If there were any must try tobaccos in this list, it’s this one. Another popular release was Trifecta Grapefruit in late spring. Sweet and tangy fresh grapefruit always hits the spot! Some people like banana hookah and some don’t but we at SouthSmoke absolutely loved Trifecta Bona Fide. Creamy banana almost like a banana milkshake. Yum! Al-Fakher Crafted Batch Tobacco No. 8 smiling woman in green beanie, green sunglasses and green sweater

Al-Fakher Tobacco

Something completely new came from the rather traditional brand of Al-Fakher Tobacco. Known for classic single note shisha flavors, AF Tobacco released their first batch of creative mixtures known as Al-Fakher Crafted Batch Tobacco. Out of the new blends I chose to share Crafted Batch No. 8 because of the edition of green tea! A new flavor profile to hookah! A taste of lemon and lime with the new green tea is stunning.

Haze Hookah Tobacco

Sometimes just a small tweak to a hookah blend makes all the difference. Add a little cooling effect to Haze Cucumberita and you get the all new Haze Iced Cucumberita! Even better than its predecessor, Haze’s latest chilled cucumber release is catching a ton of attention. And don’t forget about Haze Pearlicious! Sweet pear with a spicy kick and cooling menthol to create an icy cold, spiced pear beverage shisha. Our favorite pear flavor out right now. We loved what the hookah community came up within 2019 and can’t wait for new shisha releases in 2020! Tell us what new flavors you would like to see in the comments below. Here’s to a New Year of hookah! Pick up the whole list of best hookah shisha flavors at today!

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