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Back To School Hookah Survival Guide

Back To School Hookah Survival Guide

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Must Haves For Back to School

It is that time of year again. While the TVcommercials for back to school shopping started months ago back to school is now a reality. Gone are the long summer nights and fun in the sun. It is time to hit the books and spend those long nights studying. It doesn’t have to be all bad, though. Inevitably there will be college parties and what fun would they be without your hookah? Here we have some essential items to keep your hookah discrete, secure, and safe.

Keep your hookah safe

Mya Frost Hookah with StorageThere are plenty of hookahs out there to choose from on, but if you want discretion and security, then a hookah that fits in a locking case is the best option. Mya Saray hookahs have quite a few that fit the bill for this occasion. The Blizzardand the FrostMya Saray hookahs are two great examples. You don’t have to sacrifice the height of your hookah because they disassemble perfectly to fit into their custom combo lock hard cases. Vapor Glass hookahs also have a few that fit the bill here. Check out the top selling Torpedo or the Lotus Vapor glass hookah for instance.

Clean hookahs taste betterHookah Cleaning Brushes

The daily care of your hookah is important. Be sure to bring along a set of cleaning brushes or two and a bottle of 420 cleaner or the THC cleaning solution system. They will keep your hookah in top notch condition for hours of enjoyment, because no one likes to use a dirty hookah! Blech.

Block the wind with a hookah screen

If you plan on smoking outside you are going to want to pick up a wind cover. There is nothing more irritating than wind blowing ashes and embers all over the place when you are trying to enjoy hookah.

Coconut coals

Plan on using coconut charcoals? Be sure to bring a long a burner such as the Fumari Coal Burner or the Vapor Hookahs Coal Burner. A great alternative to this would be the new Starbuzz Coconut Instant Light charcoals. Check out our blog post on these coconut coal options!

Store your hookah shisha

Proper storage of your shisha is imperative to keeping it fresh. We sell plastic jars that will easily fit 250g of your favorite shisha with a rubber airtight seal. We also have the Smartfunl shisha dispenser if you want to get fancy. It stores your shisha and dispenses it to make setting up your hookah mess free. We wish everyone a safe and productive college school year. Are there any items we missed that you think are crucial to surviving the school year? Let us know! Follow us on instagram@SouthSmokeCom

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