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Back to College We Go!

Back to College We Go!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Hookah Lover Back To College Ideas

Head Back to School With Your Hookah

All across the country young adults are headed to institutions of higher learning. Some are headed out into the real world for the first time and many more are back at it for the second, third, or fourth year. Besides furthering education, you also further your social skills and learn a great deal about how to interact with others and society. It is inevitable that college students will gather in groups to socialize and the majority of the time, there will be a hookah around. After all, that is what hookah is all about!

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Now a days, it's tough to find a college town that doesn't have a hookah lounge or smoke shop, but going to the lounge all the time on a college student budget doesn't really equate most of the time. This leads us into our one question test: What should you do then? Option A (the correct choice) is head over to our online hookah storeand check out the great deals we have to offer. See, our tests are the easiest and we even give the answers because we like you.

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How to Safely Store Your Hookah At College

One of the main things to consider when purchasing your very own hookah while at college is storage. There is no need to bring unwanted attention from your RA or sticky fingers in the dorm.Khalil Mamoon Safari Hookah Khalil Mamoon has two great options for hookahs that are small enough to store away when not in use but also produce excellent smoke quality. The KM Safari is the smallest model that checks in at 22" and is great for a small budget. You get the quality of KM and the size of a shorter Chinese hookah. The sessions you get with this model will be incomparable to Chinese hookahs but is easily storable and portable. Take it to your favorite session spot and meet up with all the buddies! The next step up is the KM Plus. This model stands at 29" tall and is at the shorter end of the full sized Khalil Mamoon spectrum. Both are great models for college life and will withstand the abuse of a group smoke with the buddies. Here at we don't believe being on a small budget because of college should rob you of your ability to smoke with a quality hookah. So between classes, swing over to, all your hookah smoking friends will wonder how you got a great hookah on a budget of nothing!

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