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Back in Stock! Haze Tobacco - New Shisha Flavors

Back in Stock! Haze Tobacco - New Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Wait is Over! Haze Hookah Tobacco at

It’s finally here, Haze Shisha enthusiasts rejoice! It seems like forever since the last shipment of Haze Tobacco came through our shipping bay doors. You all have been clamoring for a restock of the best Haze Hookah shisha flavors. We’ve all missed the exquisite tastes of Haze What-A-Mint, Frozen Lakes, Trash Can Punch and Oh Boy Explosion. Wait no more, Haze is now fully restocked at SouthSmoke, the sole U.S. distributor for the global shisha brand. Find the top hookah shisha blends in all sizes including 100g, 250g and 1kg flavored tobacco tubs. But wait, there’s more! Haze Tobacco has released four (4) new flavors with their latest shipment. Read on to learn more!

A Global Hookah Brand – Shipping Shisha to America

With the global rise of Haze Tobacco, which you can read about here: Haze Hookah Tobacco – U.S. Resurgence, comes headaches of new shipping regulations and slowed distribution while they settle in. A move to Europe has made it tough to get the Haze product across the Atlantic and into the hands of American hookah enthusiasts. Although there have been troubles so far, production and distribution are gaining steam for the top brass at Haze and we hope to see more from Haze Shisha moving forward. Greatness comes with patience. With perseverance comes new Haze Tobacco flavors.

New Haze Shisha Flavors

Each new shipment of our beloved Haze seems to bring new exotic flavors that become instant favorites. You may remember the release of Haze B.O.F., Beat the Heat and Cotton Clouds not too long ago or the much hyped Iced Cucumberita and Pearlicious last fall. You can’t miss with any of the recent Haze Shisha blends. Haze Iced Cucumberita is an all-timer. Let these amazing hookah flavor releases be only a precursor to what just came from Haze Hookah. Haze Hookah Tobacco Icy Tango flavored shisha

Haze Icy Tango

A fruity party in your hookah bowl. The perfect combination of citrus flavors and cooling mint. Just the tingle on your tongue will better your mood and make you feel like throwing a fiesta. A mix of juicy tangerine, sweet mango and icy menthol sounds like a tropical vacation. Exactly what you expect from the exotic Haze Shisha creatives. Haze Hookah Tobacco Mint Supreme flavored shisha - Haze Mint Supreme

Haze Mint Supreme

Mint on mint on mint. The name says it all. A strong mint with an even stronger menthol cooling effect. Be warned, smoking this straight may cause mint overload! A great mixer for adding a cooling effect to any Haze flavor along with the taste of… you guessed it, mint. Haze Hookah Tobacco Purple Krush flavored shisha

Haze Purple Krush

Krush your senses with the taste of candied purple grape. Nothing beats Concord grape purple candy. It’s a world favorite flavor and now it’s in Haze Tobacco shisha! Sweet and juicy, Purple Krush will clear the nostrils with the first smell with a strong grape smell but the smoke is nothing but smooth and flavorful.

Haze Suga Mint

Haze may be known best for its abundance of mint shisha varieties. Add Suga Mint to the list. This sweet, sugary mint won’t have quite the cooling hit as Mint Supreme but is more of a relaxing and smooth minty flavor. Another great mixer for any Haze Hookah flavor on the menu. We know you’ve been waiting for more Haze Tobacco to hit the shelves so head on over to and stock up while you can on your favorite shisha flavors in 100g, 250g and 1kg sizes!

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