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Azure Tobacco Review - New Shisha Flavors

Azure Tobacco Review - New Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Azure Tobacco - A Household Name

At this point, you’ve heard of Azure Hookah Tobacco. New no more, Azure is a household name and for good reason. Filling up hookah lounges around the country. The American made hookah tobacco has flavors from around the world in a list of well over 50 blends between their blonde and dark leaf lines of shisha. But that’s not enough! They keep pumping out more tastes that you must get your hands on! We review the latest release of Azure Tobacco flavors at Azure Hookah Tobacco New Flavors Review

Azure Tobacco Gold Line

The premium blonde tobacco line from Azure is handcrafted, washed tobacco with a mellow nicotine buzz. The lighter profile lets flavors flourish while still pushing huge clouds. A flaky cut that is best packed slightly fluffy in your favorite phunnel hookah bowl. Azure Tobacco Gold Line is great shisha tobacco for any level of hookah smoker. Azure Hookah Tobacco New Flavors Review Winter Lemon

Azure Winter Lemon

The ever-popular winter series from Azure receives another cooling shisha flavor! Winter Lemon is the latest flavored tobacco twist on classic lemon mint. Azure shisha gives a modern hookah spin to this traditional taste. Very cooling menthol is added to a natural sour lemon followed by a touch of mint. Azure Hookah Tobacco New Flavors Review Royal Raspberry Blog SouthSmoke

Azure Royal Raspberry

Royal indeed, this wonderful raspberry shisha can be smoked in the Gold or Black Line. No fooling around here, Royal Raspberry is a bold and tart natural raspberry flavor that smokes great on its own. I think its best in blonde tobacco as the tart really stands out. Mix with a creamy vanilla hookah tobacco for a creamy raspberry experience.

Azure Tobacco Black Line

Azure Tobacco’s dark leaf unwashed tobacco is reserved for the bold! Fine cut, unwashed premium dark tobacco made in small batches to ensure a strong taste and heavier buzz. The Black Line flavor profiles are accompanied by slight tobacco notes with each hit. Perfect for experienced hookah smokers and enthusiasts. Azure Hookah Tobacco New Flavors Review Cola Blog SouthSmoke

Azure Cola

A new take on a popular shisha flavor from many hookah tobacco brands. Cola has been an enthusiast favorite from companies such as Starbuzz, Al-Fakher and Fantasia for many years. Now, Azure Hookah gives us their first rendition! This cola is as sweet as expected but also carries a slightly creamy flavor and maybe just a little citrus. The cola taste is still dominant but you’ll experience a creamy fruit topper as well as the Black Line tobacco notes. Azure Hookah Tobacco New Flavors Review Strawberry Guava Blog SouthSmoke

Azure Strawberry Guava

Available in the Gold and Black Lines from Azure, Strawberry Guava is quickly gaining notoriety. A well balanced flavored tobacco with candied strawberry and sweet natural guava. Not a common fruit mix but this shisha from Azure Tobacco really hits the spot. Once again with the Black Line, you’ll taste those simple tobacco notes in the background and get a buzzier hit. Find all of the new shisha tobacco flavors from Azure Tobacco now! This includes Royal Raspberry, Blueberry and Cola in the Black Line as well as Strawberry Guava, Winter Lemon and Royal Raspberry in the Gold Line at! Stock up on the rest of your favorite flavors from Azure while you’re there!

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