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Azure Tobacco: New Flavors, Mixes & Promo Code

Azure Tobacco: New Flavors, Mixes & Promo Code

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Azure Tobacco & Hookah Flavor Mixes

As hookah enthusiasts, we are always in search of the perfect hookah flavor mixes. Constantly creating shisha mixes with other flavor profiles that we think would blend in harmony. Usually, we get it wrong but every now and then, something magical happens. The mix you think will never work, turns into your new favorite smoking session. A guilty pleasure of chocolate shisha with cherry and guava. Don’t judge my hookah blends… Point is the search is never ending and I’m no mixologist. The chances of coming up with your own perfect blend seem too low. Luckily, we have hookah brands like Azure Tobacco putting in time and effort, research and development to find these mystical shisha mixes. Good news, they’ve done it again.

Constantly Growing – Azure Tobacco

Azure Tobacco has quickly grown into one of the most well-known and sought after small batch, boutique hookah shisha manufacturers on the market. A constantly growing list of ultra-creative hookah flavors created right here in the U.S. keeps hookah enthusiasts coming back for more. Not to mention the option of enjoying those flavors in high quality blonde tobacco in the Azure Gold Line or with top tier dark leaf tobacco as part of the Azure Black Line. Any level of hookah smoker has the capability of getting the most enjoyment out of each hookah bowl of Azure Shisha Tobacco. AND, they can all be found in one place! Azure Tobacco Strawberry Passion Hookah Shisha

New Hookah Shisha from Azure Tobacco

Did someone say “Perfect Hookah Mixes”? Leave it to Azure Tobacco to mix these flavor profiles together and create something great. Hookah flavors that complement each other well and are not too sweet, sour, or bitter. Balanced blends that attack the taste palate from every angle. This time, Azure dives into fruity mixes with their shisha mixology bag of tricks. Check out the combinations of exotic and everyday fruits available across both lines of Azure Hookah Tobacco.

Azure Strawberry Passion

We all know the taste of strawberry shisha but have you tried it with tart, ripe passion fruit?! It is a new blend to us and we absolutely love it! A balanced mix of sweet strawberry with a bit of sour passion fruit really hits the spot. A fruity explosion that never gets old. Azure Tobacco Orange My Guava Hookah Shisha

Azure Orange My Guava

Guava shisha is growing in popularity and it’s actually somewhat of a mix on its own. Some say the taste of guava is a blend of pear, mango, and strawberry all by itself. Combine it with a citrus taste of orange and you have a fruity mashup on your hands. There are so many angles to this shisha flavor. You have to try it to understand.

Azure Napa Grape

Not so much a hookah mix but still worth praising as a bold new flavor from Azure. Napa Grape is a straight up purple grape. Bold, in your face, grape like a strong grape candy or purple grape juice. Napa because that’s where grapes come from, obviously. Kidding. Because wine. Azure Tobacco Napa Grape Hookah Shisha

Azure Hookah Promo Code at

Looking to try the latest hookah shisha flavors from Azure Tobacco? Do you like saving money? I bet you do. If you stop into before June 30th, 2020 and stock your shopping cart full of Azure Shisha, you can save 15% off of the listed price with our Azure Hookah promo code! Simply input AZURE15 into the promo code field during checkout and enjoy 15% off your haul of Azure Tobacco instantly! As your online hookah store of choice, SouthSmoke loves to help you stock up on your favorite shisha tobacco every chance we get. Stop in today and try these amazing new flavors from Azure Hookah at ridiculously low prices.

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