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Azure Tobacco Hookah Flavors: Matcha Mint & Pep Cream

Azure Tobacco Hookah Flavors: Matcha Mint & Pep Cream

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Fire Up Your Hookah - New Azure Tobacco Flavors

It’s time to fire up those hookahs again! I’m sure you were planning to pack another hookah bowl anyways, but today is special. New shisha flavors have hit the market and they may make you want to go online to right now! A pair of hookah flavors that will blow your socks off. No matter if you are a seasoned shisha professional and delve into the dark arts of dark leaf tobacco or if you like the smooth, flavorful tastes that blonde leaf shisha brings. Azure Tobacco is here to take your hookah session to the next level with two new shisha blends in their Gold and Black hookah tobacco lines. We provide a hookah review.

Azure Hookah Flavor Review

It’s time to dive into the latest from Azure Hookah Tobacco with their release of two new shisha flavors. Let’s review the creative herbal essence of Matcha Mint and don’t miss the Pep Cream train. All aboard! Azure Tobacco Matcha Mint

Azure Tobacco Matcha Mint

Azure Matcha Mint, full of natural antioxidants and polyphenols to boost your immune system. Na, not really. But it does taste just like the herbal tea that provides those health benefits. Matcha Mint, the shisha flavor, is calming and refreshing though. A light smoke of matcha green tea mixed with cooling peppermint. A great relaxing hookah flavor to smoke in the morning to get the day started or at night to wind down. Possibly good to mix with spice shisha flavors or maybe a dessert shisha like Azure Chocolate Cake. Pick up Matcha Mint in either the Azure Black Line, for those who like a stronger nicotine hit or in the lighter Gold, blonde leaf line. Azure Hookah Pep Cream

Azure Tobacco Pep Cream

Peppermint milkshake lovers rejoice! Pep Cream from Azure Hookah Tobacco is the perfect blend of creamy vanilla and cool peppermint. It’s like crushing up a delicious holiday candy cane and blending it into a smooth, creamy milkshake with maybe a little extra whipped cream on top. This dessert treat flavored shisha mixes well with almost anything! Try it with baked goods flavors like Azure Cinnamon Cookies, or Blueberry Muffin for that perfect after-dinner treat. Azure Pep Cream is also available in the Azure Gold and Black Lines for all levels of hookah smokers, from beginners to enthusiasts.

Buy Azure Shisha Flavors at

If you are looking for all of the shisha flavors that Azure Tobacco has to offer, is the place to find them. Every Azure flavor available in the Gold and dark leaf tobacco Black lines is offered up at the lowest prices online. Search the long list of delicious tastes from Azure Tobacco now and let us know which one is your favorite!

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